A Crafter’s Inquiry

Calling All Craftsmen

As a perfect demonstration of the sort of reliable information delivery one can expect from the Rumour Mill, here is letter sent to us by one of our citizenry. If you’re a fellow craftsman of Eyr, this Blanche Greyling sounds very interested in hearing from you!

“Are you an Artisan who is looking for a way to market and sell your product or services? Do you have a great service or product you think others would like? It could be anything that is handcrafted by you here in Eyr. If so, I would like to meet you.

My name is Blanche Greyling and recent addition to the Island of Eyr. I am a seamstress/leatherworker by trade with many years of experience. I recently began experimenting making leather sandals. Although it seemed a foolish pursuit to me (I mean how can these scraps of leather be considered real footwear anyway?), I find that people actually like them. I am wearing a pair and find them surprisingly comfortable. In either event, I am adapting and as such I have an idea…

I would like to set up a market or a shop and invite people like myself to participate. These would be other Crafters who have handmade goods or services they wish to sell/trade. I am but one person and as yet the population is small so I cannot support such an idea by myself. If Crafters could work together to provide staffing for the Shop, we could work together – providing a centralized place for customers to come to inquire about projects and place orders. We could work together in this fashion. This may take the form of an open market or even a structure – perhaps one of the currently vacant buildings in the village. If there are enough of us interested – perhaps both a market and a building!

If you are a Crafter like myself and interested in such an idea, please contact me. I am currently residing within the Fishing Village and generally easy to find. You can seek me out up at the Bathhouse if not down in the village proper.

I look forward to meeting with you.
Thank you.

Blanche Greyling
Master Tailor/Tanner/Leatherworker/Cordwainer”

((Letter submitted by Blanche Fralto. Article and Image supplied by Farah Hannu

OOC info: Interested in becoming a Crafter? Fill out a Crafter Employee Application today! ))

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