We Are Here, The Eyes and Ears of Eyr

Image of a Scroll Bag

Greetings Denizens of Eyr!

Good to know our scroll carrier is placed in just the right spot to attract your notice. What you are presently reading is a newsletter we’re affectionately calling The Rumour Mill. Expect to see more of these as time goes on.

Considering the rickety state of our survival in this jungle – what with the violent beasts, raiders and the all too familiar neighborhood aggression – a certain number of us have taken it upon ourselves to pass down word back and forth between you all as a means to keep tabs on ALL activity here in the heart of the jungle.

You need a message to be delivered loud and clear to the masses? We’re the avenue for it. Drop us a note. That’s what that side pouch on the scroll carrier is for. Keep an eye for more scrolls as future news presents itself.

We are here, the eyes and ears of Eyr.

We are The Rumour Mill.

-Blue Quill

((Article Written by Farah Hannu
OOC Info: If you wish to supply a piece of written work or artwork for the Rumor Mill, send a notecard or an IM to either myself or Oceantide Leifstrom. Make sure that you read through our Posting Rules prior.

Feel like becoming a journalist or even the Editor-in-Chief? We have applications for both positions!

Rumour Mill Journalist Application

Rumour Mill Editor-in-Chief Application ))

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