Dangerous Assailant at Large!

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I am afraid I must report on some rather distressing news, Dear Readers. There is a nefarious criminal darkening the corners of this side of Eyr! (As if we didn’t already have enough on our plate thwarting the current threats to our sleepy little village!) We just received this citizen’s report and we’re advancing copies straight away in an effort to warn the rest of the commonwealth of this “Wild Man’s” presence:

A dark and roughly clad stranger in bared feet and mud-covered attire has been stalking the good people of Eyr. At first believed to be just a shadow – a rumor, he emerged from his place of hiding to abduct Lady Blanche Greyling while she made her way along the trail between the Village and the Falls. Bound and carried off to a hidden glade, she was then interrogated about the Village and its activities. More might have befallen the woman but luck was on her side as Valkyrie Munthe of Morgenstiern intervened after a timely tip from the naga, Mizu. Lady Greyling was rescued unscathed, though visibly shaken. Her Captor vanished into the forest after realizing he had been tracked by the savvy aasimar.

After calming down, Lady Greyling seemed more distraught over the loss of her arrows and broken archery bow than the actual capture. She did offer these further words about her Captor:

“He had cold blue eyes. His features were hard to determine as he is well-covered in dirt and dried mud. His hair was dark and thickly matted. His accent seemed familiar though I cannot place it. His feet were bare but he carried an old wooden shield that was battered and appeared well used. And the man needed to spend some time with a bar of soap.”

Mistress Greyling refused to say more about the actual capture, but she did offer this final caution:

“I think he is spying upon the village… creeping around at night and maybe even listening to our conversations. He is no stranger to our activities.”

There have been whispered sightings and glimpses of the Wild Man since. And the tavern has been playing host to hushed conversations and conjectures. Without any established justice system in place, the people may have to take matters into their own hands.

New rumors are beginning to circulate. Ones that are even more alarming regarding the Wild Man. Whispers of extortion and blackmail for safe passage. Can this be true? How long will the people of Eyr put up with this type of manipulation?

The Wild man must be caught. Justice must be served – even if vigilante justice. Perhaps even Jungle Justice.

Be careful as you travel the jungle foot trails and stumble off to your hammocks to sleep off the midday heat. It has been brought up that our homes, set high above the brackish river waters on stilts, could serve as a perfect hiding spot. Before you tuck in for the night, shine some lantern light beneath the floors lest the fiend be lurking below!

Keep your eyes at the wary, Eyr! We are all not safe until this man is found and taught a lesson!

-Blue Quill

((OOC Information: Letter submitted by Blanche Fralto with given permission from Asha Silvershade, Dom MacArthur and Mizuze Resident. Images and additional editorial content provided by Farah Hannu))

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