Sinful Games, Aquatic Challenges

Abyssal Tides Event

This past Saturday night, Eyranese citizens traveled to the eastern sandbar after being enticed by the promise of decadence. The recently formed communities of demon and mer have sprung an alliance between the two. To properly celebrate the allegiance, they invited all of Eyr to join them in a night of feasting, drinking, fighting and lechery.

Tabletops were crowded with dishes of fresh fish, fruit, and boar; as well as enough barrels of alcohol to pickle a bull shark with. All of which had been finely catered by the staff of The Salty Swallow Tavern. A fighting pit was arranged on the beach for the boastful sorts to test their mettle and various lean-tos draped in yards of colorful fabrics sheltered guests who sought a few moments of privacy.

The event took a strange turn part way through the night. One of the guests, known demon, Gideon, discovered that his partner had abruptly vanished during the festivities. His growing panic created a brief scene among the revelers. The public soon realized that this was the signal that the hosts had been waiting for.

Upon hearing Gideon’s outcry, Allister, Shoal King of the Mer, raised his voice to address the crowd. He announced that over the past day, his people had kidnapped various locals and were currently holding them prisoner in the ocean depths. The triton claimed that this was to be a lesson to the ‘landers’ to not underestimate the mer and challenged those gathered to steal back what was theirs.

Due to the pressing nature of the situation, Allister was able to avoid immediate retaliation for the deed as some of the guest members raced to the shore and dove in to find the kidnapped citizens. Gideon, satyr Wanton Aime, owner of the Salty Swallow, and tribe leader of the Lizardfolk, Riz’zix, raced to the sea bottom where they found three captives tied up in kelp. Fortunately for all involved, the mer were merciful and had casted a water-breathing spell upon their prisoners. Among those who needed rescuing was craftswoman guild leader Blanche Greyling,  jungle woodsman Ronan, and one of Riz’zix’s own, Yasshiva.

Mer in the waters added more difficulty to the ‘game’ and harassed those that dove down. The captive landers were freed without anyone drowning in the process, but it required further assistance from more divers to succeed. Trading post owner Serenity and Stormstead Founder Valorian threw themselves into the effort. Through magic intervention, the sea was parted which allowed the landers to walk along the exposed seafloor to return to the shore safely.

This event has left a very bitter taste in most people’s mouths. The mer have clearly drawn a line in the sand against the entirety of the jungle. They caught not only non-native individuals, but a native as well. But what of the demons? Were they complicit in this ‘lesson’? It is worth noting that the demon overseer, Riessly, was not seen in attendance at all that night. Was this by design? Or did the mer truly operate alone in this? Only time will tell.

-Blue Quill

Written and Graphic Designed by Farah Hannu with permission by Event Leaders, Riessly Resident and Albanachthoin Resident.

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