Fatal Attraction

The mating game can be a dangerous thing. How much are you willing to risk for a fling? Life and limb, honor or circumstances more grim? Come one and all, witness the brawl! Come as you are, but if you fight come dressed for war.

Are you a fighter AND a lover? Beat down each other and win the prize over! Compete in Fatal Attraction, for love or vice! Whatever ambitions one has will suffice.

Or pledge yourself as the prize to woo! See what champion may come for you.

Wish to challenge one another for a fix? Contact Wanton Aime (alteripseity) or Riz’zix (Nazatuur)! Take a form and fill it out. We shall arrange each brawling bout.

The first rounds begins next month on the tenth! (October, 10th.) Witness love won by feat of strength!

OOC Info:

Please, copy the following in a notecard, fill it out, and submit it to either Wanton Aime (alteripseity) or Riz’zix (Nazatuur) by October 7th.

Avatar Name:
Character Name:
Available Hours:

Place an ‘X’ in every box that applies.

What is your role in Fatal Attraction?

[ ] The prize, the one contestants fight over.
[ ] A contestant, fighting for the prize.

Type of in-character date?

[ ] Platonic Date (Hanging out, friendship, similar interaction)
[ ] Romnatic Date (May be innocent or intimate)

Maturity Level of in-character date?

[ ] G Rated Fun – Light romance, no adult content.

[ ] PG-13 Rated Fun – mature romance only

[ ] R-Rated Fun, I’m fine with adult situations

[ ] X-rated Fun, I am fine with extra racy adult situations

Preferred gender of date?

[ ] Male
[ ] Female
[ ] Other

What are your limits for consent?

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