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Eyr’s First Traders Fair




On Saturday, November 7th at 12 – 3 PM, Eyr’s first Traders Fair will commence at the beach. All businesses & disciplines are welcome to offer their wares and services.

Captain Luna and First Mate Makara has brought in cargo from their ship, The Wailing Banshee. You may have seen the boisterous crew moving to and fro as they bring in their ship’s cache. The Traders Fair is for the entire jungle, so browsers should behave themselves.

Feel free to bring your items for trade. Remaining cargo not distributed will be found later within the Gnome Depot. Other shops willing to take on any extra, should contact either Makara or Sparrow, owner of the Depot.

OOC Information:

If a business or discipline is also interested in holding a game/event/contest during the fair, please contact XunFryn Revnik.  Our hope is to create a fair, not a market.  We already have the best market around.

Graphic by Farah Hannu
Event Link:
Event Contact: XunFryn Revnik

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Battling the Undead Behemoth

Argus BattleA monstrosity of mysterious origin washed up ashore near the mystfolk stones nearly a week ago. Accounts described the beast as cobbled together from multiple stretches of dead flesh and limbs and fearsomely large in size. Attacking anyone in its path, its only goal seemingly appeared to be a desire to sate an undead’s bloodlust.

Bestial roaring that ripped through the jungle and the unmistakable stench of death led a team of Stormstead warriors to the Stone Ring where the abomination was assaulting mystfolk who had been unfortunate to be present when the creature came aground. Members of the Moei Asing had also arrived to help defend those already injured.

In part to the mutual support of the villagers and the Moei Asing and also in part to the excess Stormstead fighters on hand, the undead threat was swiftly rendered into a pile of quivering, rotting meat. Several jungle and settler inhabitants were injured in the confrontation, including the newly appointed Stormstead leader, Harlow. The governor took great risk upon himself during the combat by taunting the creature to direct all the undead’s attacks at himself while the wounded could be dragged clear and fellow combatants tore at its flanks.

Despite its defeat, there was more threats afoot. A masked figure known as “The Watcher” had been observing this battle from a nearby hilltop in the company of a male described to be covered in burn scars. The masked man claimed responsibility for the flesh abomination and was present simply for his own curiosity’s sake. The burned individual got tied up in a magical fight with the pixie, Clover. It led to an abrupt resolution as the man played dirty – throwing projectiles of dreaded iron and gutting her with it. Governor Harlow and several others rushed to pursue The Watcher, but the latter utilized strong magics to make his escape unscathed. The burned man who nearly slew Clover is still at large.

Fortunately, through the collective efforts of healers at the battlefield and those of the Medica, no one succumbed to their wounds. How was this beast designed? More importantly, why was it designed? What is The Watcher’s game? This reporter hopes this can be routed out soon, as I have serious trepidations that this won’t be the last attack we see from this menacing figure and his cohorts. Stay safe and alert Eyr!

Rumour Mill Correspondent – Gideon

OOC Info: Article Writer and Screenshot by Farah Hannu
Players Mentioned by Name: Harlow (rodrigo.juriya), The Watcher (nomeda.coage), Clover (cloverdunne)

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Seasonal Pot Success


Towards the beginning of this month, in a gesture of camaraderie through healthy competition, Stormstead Village struck up a festival for any and all Eyranese to participate in. October marks the peak of Eyr’s dry season, which makes it prime time for collecting fruit that’s been sun-sweetening on the branch to thinning out the brazen beasts who have come out to sup on an easy bounty free of monsoon rains and flooding.

Hosted by The Salty Swallow and the Eyr Crafters, the event was dubbed the Festival of the Seasonal Pot as it pitted hunters, fishermen, and gatherers to compete for bragging rights over who was the best provider in Eyr. Different methodologies, tools and skills were on display from all walks of life who had come to demonstrate their prowess at jungle survival.

Here are our superior providers in no particular order:

Among the fishing competitors, human woman, Shevarra, snatched up the largest fish from the Kuvari river.

Much to the surprise of the rest of the landers, a mer turned out on top as the best huntsmen. Triton Coinneach Macoul subdued the greatest amount of beasts. His conquest included sleying two monkeys and a wild boar!

Considering her reputation as having a peerless green thumb (and fingers and toes… Technically all of her is green) back in Mystara, mystfolk Clover’s haul was the largest among all the gathering competitors. She scavenged a trove of mushrooms, nutmeg and cloves that dwarfed her in size several times over.

Once the contest winners were decided, the entire cache of foodstuffs collected over the day went towards a grand feast prepared for the evening meal. Congratulations to the Providing Paragons and to all who participated in the day’s challenges. May this festival serve as a sign of a fortuitous gathering season for us all.

OOC Information:
Event Leads: Branche Fralto and Alteripseity Resident
Contest Winners: Shevarra (ShevarraVrinn), Coinneach Macoul (little0leprechaun), and Clover (cloverdunne)
Article Written by Farah Hannu

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Seeking Guardsmen and Women


Scroll Text:

The Guard of Stormstead seeks able bodied men and women to protect the village.

Get suck perks as:

  • Discounted drinks!
  • You get paid (in trade!)
  • Getting to smash things!
  • Training!
  • Secret Decoder Magic Boxes!*

For more information or if you’re interested contact Phedre LaCroix (Akemo.Draegonne) for more information!
*we actually don’t have secret magic decoder boxes.”

OOC Info:

Flyer Text provided by Akemo.Draegonne. Graphic made by Farah Hannu.

To learn more about the Stormstead Guard group or have OOC inquiries regarding joining the group, send an IM to Akemo.Draegonne.

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