Seasonal Pot Success


Towards the beginning of this month, in a gesture of camaraderie through healthy competition, Stormstead Village struck up a festival for any and all Eyranese to participate in. October marks the peak of Eyr’s dry season, which makes it prime time for collecting fruit that’s been sun-sweetening on the branch to thinning out the brazen beasts who have come out to sup on an easy bounty free of monsoon rains and flooding.

Hosted by The Salty Swallow and the Eyr Crafters, the event was dubbed the Festival of the Seasonal Pot as it pitted hunters, fishermen, and gatherers to compete for bragging rights over who was the best provider in Eyr. Different methodologies, tools and skills were on display from all walks of life who had come to demonstrate their prowess at jungle survival.

Here are our superior providers in no particular order:

Among the fishing competitors, human woman, Shevarra, snatched up the largest fish from the Kuvari river.

Much to the surprise of the rest of the landers, a mer turned out on top as the best huntsmen. Triton Coinneach Macoul subdued the greatest amount of beasts. His conquest included sleying two monkeys and a wild boar!

Considering her reputation as having a peerless green thumb (and fingers and toes… Technically all of her is green) back in Mystara, mystfolk Clover’s haul was the largest among all the gathering competitors. She scavenged a trove of mushrooms, nutmeg and cloves that dwarfed her in size several times over.

Once the contest winners were decided, the entire cache of foodstuffs collected over the day went towards a grand feast prepared for the evening meal. Congratulations to the Providing Paragons and to all who participated in the day’s challenges. May this festival serve as a sign of a fortuitous gathering season for us all.

OOC Information:
Event Leads: Branche Fralto and Alteripseity Resident
Contest Winners: Shevarra (ShevarraVrinn), Coinneach Macoul (little0leprechaun), and Clover (cloverdunne)
Article Written by Farah Hannu

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