‘Tis the Season for Portents of Storms

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Two weeks past, observant jungle denizens who had a full view of the open sky caught the moon flash red. Ever since the witnessing of this odd phenomena, the weather has been behaving increasingly unpredictably. Sudden strong winds have been violently shaking the jungle trees and causing the Stormstead huts to protest disconcertingly in squeaks and squeals. The tents of this past weekend’s Traders Fair nearly came free of their moorings and sent out to sea when one gust threatened to snap palm trees in twain.

Word that is traveling through the jungle is that this is nature’s way of giving us advanced warning of a fierce storm heading our way. Citizens are being advised to head for the highlands and seek out secure shelter. Caves are the ideal recommendation. The current severe winds are expected to get much worse.

At least one business is already enacting storm preparations. Wanton Aime of The Salty Swallow Tavern wanted to convey this message to the jungle:

Attention tavern workers and patron lurkers,

The Salty Swallow Tavern is packing up for the oncoming tempest! Our food and drink we work to preserve in aid to Stormstead in time of unrest. Service will still be available, up until the typhoon makes landfall. It will close however during the terrible squall.

When the worst is over, and repairs are made, we shall open again! As for what time that might be, we do not know when.

-Wanton Aime of brewing fame

The journalists of the Rumour Mill will do our best to keep people informed of upcoming developments when we can.

Be safe Eyr!

-Blue Quill


OOC Info:
Event Advertised – Yue’s Tempest
Article Written by Farah Hannu, Salty Swallow missive written by Alteripseity Resident

The Salty Swallow will begin sorting through its wares, and breaking down what food and drink it can for Stormstead to endure the storm. The tavern will remain operational up until the time of Yue’s Tempest makes landfall. During the worst of the storm, the tavern will be closed as no doubt everyone will be seeking shelter. Once the worst is over, the tavern will resume business once the necessary repairs have been made.

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