The First Back Alley Brawl



Parchment Text:


Valorvir, owner of the Ebon Reach and Botis, Pit Lord, are proud to present the 1st Back Alley Brawl.

On December the 5th at 4pm(SLT), a contest will be held of strength and skill between able-bodied fighters. Come test your metal against Eyr’s greatest warriors OR watch these titans battle it out! This is round one in a series of competitions to find Eyr’s Champion.

Brawling rules: Contestants will be asked to wear no shirt and no shoes; however, allowances will be made for the sake of anonymity. This includes but is not limited to masks or tight fitting body coverings.

Armor, Weapons, Magic, and shifting of forms are all prohibited.

All interested fighters or their managers should contact Botis, Pit Lord, before the 5th of December to register as a fighter.

Spectators will enjoy the comforts of the Reach, a rousing battle, and a chance to bet on your favored brawlers!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the duration of this event, Valorvir and Botis ask that any differences between various parties be set aside until the close of the festivities.

OOC Info:
The bottom of each scroll has a blank space to serve as an entry form. Please fill out the following form, paste it into a notecard, and then send it to Botis (Maze.Ormega) if you want participate in the competition.

Notecard Title – “Fighter Entry Form(SL Name Here)”

Fighter Entry Form

Fighter Name:_________________
((SL Name)):__________________

Advertisement for Upcoming Event: Ebon Reach Pit Fight
Event Contact: Maze Ormega
Notice Copy supplied by Maze Ormega
Artwork supplied by Farah Hannu

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