Hand Crafted Hosts “Warrior’s Ranged Weapons Contest” (11/29/15)

Hand Crafted's Ranged Weapons Target Contest Sunday, November 29, 2015 starting sat 5:00PM SLT Ocean Beach Side Below Cliffs

Hand Crafted’s Ranged Weapons Target Contest

Hand Crafted Jobs & Trades will be hosting a Warrior’s Ranged Weapons Target Contest” on November 29 starting at 5:00PM SLT.  The event will take place on the ocean beach and participants and as well as their admiring fans are welcome.

“If it can be used as a weapon – and you can throw it – bring it!”


This is a Warrior’s target contest.  Bring you knives, blowguns, spears, bows, tridents, rocks, and show us your skill in striking a target.  As this is a sportsmanship event and we are working to improve race relations, we ask that no live creatures be used as weaponry.  Halflings may not be used as throwing weapons even if they are willing — though we do encourage Halfling participation in the contest through regular means.

Refreshments will be provided by the Salty Swallow and the Night Cap.  Hand Crafted will peddling assorted weaponry and accessories.  Event judging will be conducted by Crone’s eye representatives.  Anyone caught trying to magically enhance their weapon or scores will be dealt with accordingly at the discretion of the Crone’s Eye Judges.

Contestants should plan to arrive a bit early to complete the sign-up process and take their place in the lineup.  Anyone having questions can contact Blanche Greyling, Alliance Craft Lead.


(event info and contest rules see:  http://www.mystsofeyr.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1586)

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