A Time of Giving

“The Giving of Ame Moei.”


Recent disaster has struck out against the land and sea. Some say that Yue is to blame for it’s cause, while others think she was but an instrument wielded by Ame Moei.

A party is being held in honor Ame Moei and Yue. It is a time of thanks for what we have all survived. A sign of understanding that what came our way was meant to. And a realization that whatever the cause, it is in our own hands to ensure that they are pleased enough to not call back upon the wrath of the Typhoon. It will be a time of feasting, it will be a time of dancing.. but namely, it will be a time of respect and offerings
All of the isle are invited to attend, but the charge for attendance you see can simply not be free! Arrival time can be anytime from 6 to hours beyond on Saturday, November 28th at a location near the Cascades. You -Must- bring with you an item of some value (in your opinion) or something that gives back to the land. You will be expected to present your item upon arrival at a designated area, and once having done so – you are free to partake in the party.



((Written OOC by Jens.Ixchel. For more OOC Info on Event see: http://mystsofeyr.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1713&p=7117#p7117 ))

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