Homage Paid to the Ame Moei and Yue

A party was held in honor of the Ame Moei and her sister Yue within the span of a jungle clearing late last night, the purpose being to give thanks and appease the jungle mother. All were invited to partake who came and stated their name, gave a gift and stated the reason for the gift.

Tribute to the Jungle Mother_Alika Kalu

It seemed that many put aside their differences to join the party which was both solemn and joyful as it came on the heels of the destruction of Yue’s tempest, which just recently caused so much damage. Some gave in bounty, others offered gifts of protection, and even a wee child was seen gracing the tables with a gift late in the night.

Tribute to the Jungle Mother_Goat

Music was played and as things wound down the party began to disperse.

Even so, there seemed to be tension in the air. It is not yet known for sure who or what was the cause of Yue’s anger and the storm that followed, bringing with it the great Leviathan. Some present speculated, but few if any had answers.

Tribute to the Jungle Mother_Kynaston Chasin

What will the future bring? It is hard to say. But if the jungle mother’s anger can be sated with gifts then surely it was so last eve. If not, perhaps the hunting of the one who called the beast will do the trick.

— Darsha, the one who sees.


((Written oocly by Astrid de Manyet (Portia Swords) – character of Pandora using a pen name. For more information on this event, click HERE.))


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