Harlow Wins Ranged Weapons Contest

Handcrafted hosted a ranged weapons contest on the beach Sunday Evening with the prize of a Custom Bow and Archery Arrows compliments of HandCrafted’s own Clover for the winner. Derek Black of the Crone’s Eye was present to watch over the contest for magical tampering and two rounds of ranged weaponry face offs took the contest into a final round that included good natured taunting from the crowd.

Contestants were permitted to bring their own throwing weapon of choice and in round one Alithia, Drejan, and Cynric faced off, with Drejan ultimately winning the first round.


Round two saw competition between Krastor De’Guisarme, Dhente Xa’los Har’erthe, and Harlow, with Harlow taking this round home for a win, so that Harlow and Drejan faced off for the finals.


The final round was good natured and a few in the crowd tossed out taunts and jeers — but only in fun. Harlow edged out just ahead to take first in the contest and Wanton Aime of the Salty Swallow served rounds of drinks to celebrate.

– by Darsha, the one who sees.


((Written oocly by Astrid de Manyet (Portia Swords) – character of Pandora using a pen name. For more information on this event, click HERE.))

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