Brawlers Test their Mettle at the Ebon Reach Pit Fights

Valorvir and Botis, Pit Lord of Ebon Reach, hosted the first Back Ally Brawl on Saturday, December 5th where fighters came to test their mettle, and perhaps settle personal vendettas, against one another. Shady merchants were seen peddling wares in dark corners and even Wanton Aime of the Salty Swallow served up drinks to spectators who came to quench their thirst for more than blood.

Botis at the Pitfights - Mysts of Eyr

The first fight was a contest of skin on skin between Krastor and Cedany Blackstone and seemed to be of significance beyond just the battering of fists in the pit. The brawlers punctuated their punches with words as well as knuckles, and Cedany left the pit victorious.

Krastor and Cedany at the Pitfights - Mysts of Eyr

The second fight between J’veska and Pandora seemed evenly matched, despite the siren’s initial slip in the pits, causing self injury. That is until Pandora distracted herself to dine on the blood she’d drawn from J’veska and took a kick to the head that easily ended the fight. J’veska chalked this fight up for a win.

J'veska and Pandora at the Pitfights - Mysts of Eyr

This reporter regrets missing the details of the third and final fight, however second hand reports indicate that two fighters — namely one StarGirl and one Daniel Graves — faced off in the pits. Daniel Graves was victorious with the only critical hit of the night, possibly making for the most brutal of the three wins.

The event was certainly a success, with the crowd watching in anticipation for blows and bloodshed from the sidelines. One can certainly hope there will be future brawls in the Pits.

— by Darsha, the one who sees.


((Written oocly by Astrid de Manyet (Portia Swords) – character of Pandora using a pen name. For more information on this event, click HERE.))

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