The Night Cap Hosts a Ballshroom Blitz!

On Friday, December 11, the Night Cap hosted a Ballshroom Blitz, inviting anyone and everyone to don their finest clothes, along with a mask, and enjoy the bounty of its goods for free for one night only. Many took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the bounteous event, hosted by Valos and J’veska Qyr’vezzak.

Party at Night Cap - The Crowd

It is rumored some got wind of too many spores and may have shown off more than just their dancing skills, but who is to say? The room was filled with happy Eyrians enjoying the mushrooms and exotic treats.

Party at Night Cap - Gideon

Others simply watched from the sidelines, and enjoyed the raffles, which were held every hour on the hour and proved of great interest to spectators and winners alike.

Party at Night Cap - Valos and Valkyrie Asta Munthe

On the first hour, a raffle was held for a bolt of finely embroidered silk cloth imported from Shalan’ti, suitable for crafting. This prize was won by Drejan.

On the second hour, a raffle was held for a custom-made piece of weaponry, crafted by Master Blacksmith Harlow, Governor of Stormstead himself. This raffle was won by Blanche.

On the third hour, a raffle was held for a cask of fine wine which had been recovered from the depths of the sea by Prince Kenzie of the Merfolk and was won by Pandora.

The final hour and raffle was for a week of goods on the house of the nightcap, and enjoyment of these wares free of charge.  This raffle prize went to winner Alika Kalu.

The party ended with a grand finale as the walls seemed to pulse with life. Some guests held their breath and high-tailed it out, while others seemed happy to take the opportunity to get in one last good high for the night. Either way, the party was clearly a grand success.

— by Darsha, the one who sees.


((Written oocly by Astrid de Manyet (Portia Swords) – character of Pandora using a pen name. For more information on this event, click HERE.))


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