A Perfect “Night Cap” – The Death of the Necrowolf

Mal Dead

The Death of the Necrowolf

Sounds of battle echoed through the tunnels of the Night Cap hours after the “Ballshroom Blitz” event had ended. The majority of the attendees had left but for a few still feeling the effects of the fungal spores. Two of those remaining were Stormstead villagers, Gideon and Blanche.

The confrontation culminated with Mal, the Necrowolf, lying dead within a pool of his own blood. The victor of the battle was readily apparent. Drejan X’alos’ punch daggers had laid open his throat; the drowess herself covered in arterial spray.

The battle started off between Mal, Gideon and Blanche when the Necrowolf accosted the couple and demanded Gideon’s fingernails. Blanche took to Wolf form whenMal’s savagery against Gideon left the demon mutilated with missing digits and curled in shock and agony. Drejan X’alos arrival helped turn the tide of the battle, adding her considerable skills to the fray. It was the Necromancer against the Drowess and the Wolf for the final round. While the combat raged, Nagendra the naga and a masked blonde woman arrived to witness Mal’s last minutes of life.

As far as what had transpired leading up to the battle, Blanche was quite vocal.
“Gid and I thought ourselves quite alone. All had gone quiet and it was dark. We were not anticipating interruption and were otherwise occupied. We had no idea Mal had entered the chamber. He may have been lurking in the shadows all evening awaiting an opportunity to catch us alone. His entire purpose seemed focused on Gideon. I only wish I could remember the battle. I would have liked to have seen him die.”

Gideon’s response to what happened was much livelier. “That asshole stole my fingers! AND he interrupted my elaborate love-making performance just as I was getting started! Now the bastard’s dead and good riddance!”

Even Nna, Mer Matriarch voiced her own sentiment regarding news of Mal’s death. “Fuck that guy.”

The Night Cap owner, J’veska Qyr’vezzak, was herself enraged that such an attack had taken place in her establishment. “I am so very sorry that this attack took place under my jurisdiction. I will do everything in my power to be sure no such thing ever happens again under my roof.”

I think the citizens of Eyr can all rest assured that J’veska will be taking action on this matter.

Many have expressed concern over the fact that the body had turned up missing the following morning. Nothing left behind but a bloodstained floor and tufts of fur from the battle. The Night Cap owner herself having no knowledge of its interment. No one has stepped forward. Some are already whispering that Mal will return. Indeed it may be too soon to start celebration.

Triana Mills, his former mate feels he will be back.
“He (Mal) was studying with The Reach. The one who leads it himself said they delve into magics not of this realm, and that Mal was…well on his way. I only wish I could believe he is truly gone from my life…from all our lives. But, this pit in my stomach… it tells me otherwise.”

Drejan X'alos

Drejan X’alos

As far as Drejan is concerned the matter is over for now.
“If [Mal] comes back deader than he was, more’s the pity for him… it means there’ll be no end to his fucking torment and he’ll wish he could die with finality before I’m finished.”


Only time will tell.

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