Festival of Knowledge Seeks Those Willing to Give


To those Native to the land, or to those whom hold Ame Moei dear,

The length of a year has come to those upon the isle, land, and water. A new year approaches and with it brings a time to learn and grow. It is time for the Festival of Knowledge to be upon us. It is a time to expand your knowledge, to add things within your life, to prepare the body and mind for the tasks to come, and to reflect upon past experiences learned. One should learn from they who know – so in this we seek teachers to teach and students to learn.

The festival will run from Saturday the 26th of December until Thursday 31st, beginning with a cleansing ceremony of the body and ending with a retailing of past experiences and hopes for the futures to come. But throughout the six day affair, there will be many new skills learned.

Come to learn and permit your mind to feast:

If you believe yourself mastered within a skill, you must try to seek something beyond or else you will never grow. Your ignorance will lead you to your greatest poverty. You will surely wither and die unless you feed your mind.

Be a part of the connection and teach:

For those whom consider themselves to hold the wealth of knowledge upon a subject, now comes the time to share. To let others light their candles upon the bright and warmth, to secure your own immortality through the passing on of what is held within your mind and soul. You will enrich others while not depraving yourself of something of value.

All those interested in seeking to share their knowledge of experiences or a practical skill should seek out the one known as Kacy — hard to miss, with branches adorned upon his head, and feet rooted well to the earth.


((Article and Picture by Jens.Ixchel. OOC info can be found by clicking HERE ))

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