A New Mask of Evil



The New ‘Mask’ of Evil

The Necrowolf is dead, but there is a new face of evil.  Or rather lack of a face – for he is a coward.     This Lich, this spawn of evil, wears a mask and speaks by writing his letters into the air.  This reporter has heard the name of “Hikari” whispered about as if it is a deeply held secret.  It is no secret now.  And that is what we will call the evil which has been haunting the village.

But it is not just the village.  Nna, Matriarch of the Shoal, confirmed that Mer as well as Mystfolk have been attacked.  She has witnessed as such within the tavern.

Medica representative J’veska Qyr’vezzak confirmed such reports and added to them information regarding the death of a young healer as a result of one of his Hikari’s earlier attacks.   How many other victims are out there unknown?  We may never hear from the Natives who are secretive and unlikely to speak of such a thing.  And some simply do not want to step forward.  They prefer not to speak of their attacks.  The more I question, the larger the problem appears.

Hikari’s purpose?  To taunt and send out his venomous minions.  But most alarmingly, to steal blood!  Yes, this reporter has heard from a reliable source that this faceless, spineless, neutered excuse for an undead human being, steals blood.  Spiders have been employed twice in his service, and  one report involved an evil serpent.   But I am sure there must be more.  And he is wise… or at least lucky.  He appears at odd hours and in odd places.  Frequenting the tavern one moment and the Moei Asing campfire the next before slinking back into the darkness to hide.  Where will he appear next?


Valkyrie Asta Munthe

Our own Stormstead guard captain, Valkyrie Munthe, beheaded Hikari in battle only to have him return the following day – thus proving he is lich.  “Liches are very, very protective over their phylactery. If anyone else got a hold of it, you could basically control a lich if you wanted.”

Where is his phylactery?  Does he wear it upon himself? If not, where is it hidden?   How can we find it?  Evil is known to consort with evil.  Perhaps there are those that would sell such information.  What would it take as a bribe?  What sort of power play could be employed to give up this information?  If you have knowledge, or information that would lead to the location of the phylactery, drop your offer into the Governor’s office.  No questions will be asked.  Your reward, could be great if the phylactery is taken.

In the meantime, everyone should practice caution.  I sought out the services of an archlich, who chose to remain anonymous, to ask of possible weaknesses.  I learned the following:

  • Holy magics are a particular bane against liches.  If you have such abilities, the Stormstead Guard could certainly use your help.
  • Sunlight and bright lights:  Try to complete your business during the daylight hours!
  • Necromantic magic can be turned against a lich.  If the mage is powerful enough, he/she could even control the mind of the lich.  We may have to enlist the powers of someone such as this to defeat this menace.

Granted. this is not much, but it is all this reporter has to go on at this time.  Remember!  Stay safe!  Stay together!  Stay out of his clutches!


– The Brown Mouse


((OOC Information:   Written by Blanche Fralto with permissions from those mentioned in the article.))

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