A Call to Govern!

Stormstead Calls out for a new Governor!


Stormstead’s Call to Govern!

A tentative peace has been reached with the Moei Asing and the attacks against the village have dwindled.   Stormstead villagers have enjoyed this temporary respite; using it as a time to regroup and begin to build up our dwindling reserves. It is important that we not grow lax; that we maintain our vigilance.

The Stormstead Council hut remains silently collecting dust since our former Governor stepped aside.  His planning and heroic efforts have granted us this welcome respite.  But are we truly past the danger?  If history has shown us anything, we know that this tenuous peace is more akin to the ‘eye of the storm.’  We must continue to strategize and work to combat the powers that conspire against us.  Even within our own Faction we have those that would work to disrupt the peace.  Aaron Guile’s bloodstains still mark his passage and serve as memory to all that has transpired here.

There is more that divides Eyr than the ideologies that bubble at the surface.  There is also belief that there is a hidden agenda and politics underly our efforts within the Faction.  That we have already been infiltrated.  There are powers in place that seek to manipulate and bend us all.   This reporter believes these ties may ripple not only throughout Stormstead and the surrounding territories but all the way to the shores of Shalan’ti.  For who knows wherein the true sources of power reside?  Do they swim the waters, creep through the caverns, roam the jungle, or walk the docks of the Village?

Stormstead needs direction.  Stormstead needs strategy.  Stormstead citizens need a new Governor we can trust to lead us forward.

I’m putting out a call – consider it a challenge – to put yourself forward to enter into this election for Governor.  Submit your qualifications to the Rumour Mill.  Stormstead Citizens will gather on Friday, January 22 at 5:00PM at the Salty Swallow to hear from candidates and vote their decision.


Submitted ICly by “The Brown Mouse”
(OOC Information Can Be Found Here:  Stormstead Purdah and Elections


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