Royalty Enters the Frontier


Kaija of House Naijujai

The soft slither of silk whispering along the caverns of Ebon Reach is the only indication of approach.  But that is all that it takes for the denizens of the cave system to set up and take notice.  There is an air of fear and respect from the ‘Reachers who hurry to make themselves look busy.   She is rumored to be a Princess.  She is known to be a powerful Mage.   Those who have crossed her?  Well, we have yet to find one.

 Welcome Kaija of House Naijujai.  
All hail the Eternal Sonjat Tan (Honorable Princess).

Her smooth spoken tones denote Shalant’i royalty and add weight to the rumor that Kaija’s Father was the Scion of House Naijujai –  the heir to the throne of the Shalan Empire who was exiled over 1000 years ago.  Her racial features add to the persona – showing a mix of human, celestial, and high elf like so many of the great houses of Shalan.  Tall and thin, pale skin and black eyes, her high-elf features stand out most prominent.  Her age would appear 30-40 but her eyes reflect age, wisdom, and of cunning patience far beyond that of physical appearance.

The Sonjat Tan arrived in Stormstead after attempting to rally an armed rebellion in Shalan’ti to end the civil war.  Her purpose to rally support here on the frontier to help her reclaim her Father’s rightful throne as Empress.   House Naijujai remains as one of the noble ruling houses within the city but the family itself remains secretive of internal workings.  Kaija has been seen entering and exiting Reach caverns and walking about Stormstead itself.  Her timing is impeccably opportune as the Watcher has disappeared leaving a ‘void’ in the Ebon Reach Cabal.   Was the arrival happenstance or calculated?  Is the Empress seeking to add ‘Eternal’ to her title?  Some whisper that this has already been done.

All hail the Eternal Sonjat Tan, Empress, and Eternal.  

Article submitted anonymously.
(Article written by Blanche Fralto in collaboration with Sykirra Nadezda)

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