Another Stormstead Governor Candidate!

Stormstead had another interested candidate step forward to put in her quest for Governor.  Boobette the well-renouned barmade from the Royal Oak is a former Mystaran who has made her stately way to Eyr.  Boobette submitted the following entry:


BoobetteBoobette:  Iz wantd 2 giv shout out 2 Stormstead 2 let u guyz knoe dat Iz will bees runnin 4 Governor! Iz luv dis villaeg, though not as mutch as Iz lovd Stromness. Wanton iz great, teh Salty Swallow iz great, but Iz kind ov mis teh Royal Oaks, Srsly . Iz luv serving u guyz! Iz wantz 2 continue 2 doez so. an u knoe Iz wud nevr leef poor child thirsty! But instead ov serving drinks an food, Iz thot 2 myself, Boobetet, u shud bees Governor! How cool wud dat bees? Than Iz can serev u all! It will bees lot ov fun. Iz rly wantz 2 doez somefin gud 4 teh wurld. brin peaec 2 teh jungel, Srsly . Iz real gud wif ppl, an Iz gud wif handling multipel taskz at onec providd dat fier isnt involvd, Srsly . Or anyfin ov any real value. doez not ask meh bout tings wif numberz an calculations though, Iz will haz 2 git Wanton 2 halp meh wif does tings! o Iz jus luv evryoen in Stormstead! u guyz shud voet 4 meh!

Submitted OOCly by Jen IxChel on behalf of Boobette


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