Pester Tips the Bottle to Enter the Governor’s Race!

PesterStormstead’s cry for a governor has reached out to Pester. ┬áHe steps forward with the following entry:

My name be Pester and I be runnin’ fer Governor o’ Stormstead. Some refer t’ me as ‘One Eye’ but it may just lead th’ false impression that I dern’t see very well. When in fact, I have spent th’ last months patronizin’ th’ tavern. I have seen all and heard all. None within th’ village o’ Stormstead be more knowledgeable on current affairs. I have a rich history o’ bein’ involved in highly successful organizations. Durin’ me time in Mystara, I were bein’ well trusted with pertinent information but I believe that there be thin’s meant t’ be shared and that be what I would like t’ do be Governor. And hoist the mainsail, ye scurvey dog! I want t’ use th’ information I be knowin’, and share it. By sharin’ it, I feel that people will be able t’ have th’ knowledge they need t’ avoid th’ dangers o’ th’ jungle and survive in a political realm, ye scurvey dog. I may be barnacle-covered, but whar I come from that just means I have experience!

Submitted OOCLY by Jens Ischel on behalf of Pester who is incapable of holding a quill


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