Another Rises to Reach for the Governorship



Stormstead, a village no stranger to hardships and strife. But one that is meant to survive and will prevaill into great glory and prosperity! It will need a strong, dependable leader to bring it into a new age. One whom will use diplomancy and work with the people. Someone whom knows the past and has retained much of its values. And someone whom has proven an ability to be able to work equally with all, despite race.

To fill an emptiness that was left there by a position left vacant too long.  To provide a direction to ensure its survival.  Perhaps I, Jil, have been brought to Stormstead at a time where I can truly offer myself in service to it’s people with passion in my heart to do so.  Maybe this is my reason, to ensure the village does not become over taken by the jungle, to ensure none would take advantage upon its citizens.  I would continue to promote a time of peace, provided that we are not without.  I will endevour to hold Stormstead together.

I, Jil, Knighted under the Commander Frendel by King Marsuvees, and honored to stand in the King’s court as Ambassador of Queen Serenity and King Cedric, make a stand to rise as Governor of Stormstead.

Submitted ICly by Jil (Jens Ixchel)


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