Dark Figure Attacks Mer and Wreaks Mayhem


Dark Figure

Stormstead rose to the occasion as cries rang out over the Crafter dock on Saturday.  Wild magics darkened the air as a Dark Figure with bloodied hands and wielding a sword took down Sumayra, one of the Merfolk.  His intent was obviously malicious.  An unknown Jungle Elf (Khanya Silongo) was was poised upon the steps attempting to fire against the assailant when she too was brought down.  Her arrows falling short as his magics overcame her efforts.  Indeed, it was her efforts against him that delayed possible further harm done to the Mer before help began to arrive.

HandCrafted’s seamstress arrived at the scene and looking down upon the attack taking place gave out the initial cries for assistance.   Her cries rang as far as the Medica as she hurried to gather rocks to distract the assaint.  And Stormstead responded — pixie Clover’s answering cry echoed through the ravine scant seconds after.    They arrived by land, by air, and I wouldn’t doubt from the river itself.  The air was soon filled with the whir and whuff of wingbeats and the pounding of footsteps and fin as the entire population of Stormstead arrived to help defend one of their own.

Dark Figure Attacks Sumayra-cropped

Hand Crafted Dock

Valkyrie Asta Munthe, Stormstead’s own Guard Captain arrived first in a gust of wingpower and determination closely followed by the fiercely protective dragon, Makara.  Clover’s whirring attack quickly took her to the center of the fray and ultimately to Sumayra’s aid.  Rannulfus was spotted on the hillside ghosting about working upon a spell to quell the Dark Figure’s magics.  Rock arrived and added his bulk to the chaos of battle against the Dark Figure.

Stormstead’s defenders converged so quickly and so thickly that at times it was hard to determine the fate of the assailant.  Dark magics and strange breezes swirled closely around the docks intermixed with the flash of a magical sword as surge after surge of the defenders arrived.  Many of those possessing magical skills themselves feeling ill from the effects.  The assailants sword was seen flashing in the melee at he continued to attempt to battle against overwhelming odds.  But no matter how finely skilled, Dark figure was clearly outmanned.  He suffered numerous blows, including a chokehold from our own Guard Captain and a head injury from Rock before his magics were quelled by the Druid,Rannulfus.

Sumayra, the injured Mer and assailant’s victim, was sorely weakened but recuperating.  The Dark Figure himself now resides within Stormstead’s Guardhouse.  His mask remains due to the grievous head injury though his magics and blade remain quiet – at least for now.    It will take some time for this wound and knowledge of this defeat to heal.

We are still waiting to learn the identity of the masked assailant and of his origins.  Is he one of us or a stranger just arrived?  But of one thing we are certain, he shall think twice before attacking within the boundaries of Stormstead Village again.


Dark Figure as seen within confines of Guardhouse

Submitted by “The Brown Mouse”

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