A Demon Enters the Governor’s Race

Gid's Candidate Poster cropped


Greetings My Fellow Villagers,

Today, I—Gideon of the former Stromness community of Mystara—officially declare my candidature for Stormstead Governor.

Let’s address the elephant in the room about my lineage. I am a demon. This is well known. Not once have I utilized subterfuge in veiling my true identity. One could chalk this up to laziness or perhaps stupidity, but I do not see it as either. It is simply an act of public good will. You know where I stood right from the start. Stormstead is my home now and I do not wish to be robbed of it.

I’d like to boast I represent a little bit of both worlds. Like several of the other candidates, I too was a reputable Mystara citizen. For the final year of Mystara’s existence, I served as a business owner within the human capital running their public bath house. Gideon was a well known name within the city walls.

But then, Mystara is behind us all now. What of the future? What business does a demon have with running Stormstead? To speak for myself, I can tell you that I have lived and shared the very same struggles you all have faced. Since my arrival here in Eyr, many months have been spent acclimating to the troubles that have faced this village. When Yue took out her frustrations on the island and nearly drowned us in rising flood water, I was there alongside you as we strove to dig ourselves out of hiding and rebuild the damage after the storm had passed. My Companion, Blanche Greyling, someone you all should be well familiar with now, took it upon herself to rally the crafters together to share their resources for Stormstead’s benefit. A woman I fully support and dutifully serve in her endeavors. My path has brought me to train under Triana’s tutelage at the Medica to treat our wounded and sick. Let us not forget my efforts as one of the writers of the Rumour Mill that always endeavors to keep the jungle informed of the latest goings on around Eyr.

I am not a warrior, no, but I do not see the usefulness of having governor after governor slain or carried off by our enemies or local wildlife. We have guards and warriors and hunters who are quite capable at what they do. Far be it from me to instruct folk who already know their craft and do it well. What I can provide is a honeyed tongue and a pleasant charm to woo peace between those that would do us wrong and delegate with a tactful hand. That is my craft and I do it well.

Your future is in your hands, Stormstead.

Vote for the devil you know. Vote Gideon!

OOC Info: Article and picture supplied by Farah Hannu

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