The Elephants are Coming!

elephant migration

Elephants Migration!  

Elephants are migrating!  A large herd of elephants are approaching the village, making their majestically sedate passage through the jungle on what may be a yearly migration.  If they maintain their course, they would arrive sometime on Saturday (01/23/2016).  A badly winded man raced his way into Stormstead this afternoon to deliver the warning. The elephants passed through the clearing he calls home and destroyed his shelter and ground his food supplies into mulch.  As a single man without weapon he could do nothing.  But as a community we may have a chance!   Stormstead would do well to post watches so that we may gather to try to divert the animals if possible.   If they follow the trajectory of their current path – they would first arrive near the Mystfolk Mound.   If left unchecked they could march on toward the village – if that is indeed their course.  There is no predicting the beasts!  The man had seen such elephant migrations before but this is the largest he has seen in recent memory.


Be strong Stormstead!  Be Aware!  We must preserve our village.  We could also use this opportunity for capture or hunt the beasts to replenish depleted food supplies.  This is a call out to all who might be able to help!

Article submitted ICly by “The Brown Mouse”

 Article submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto/Jens Ixchel.  For more event information check here:

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