The Elephants Arrive in Stormstead!

Elephant migration -1Elephants swept through the jungle mid afternoon on Saturday.   A mighty bull elephant, was spotted first, followed by a sea of cows and calves, trumpeting and milling their way through the jungle.  These massive beasts left a wide swath of tramped ground and foliage, cracked trees, and injured citizens.   It will take a long time for the jungle to heal from the scar left to the landscape as they made their way through.

Stormstead is lucky today – no fatalities reported and the injuries reported are minor considering what could have happened.  A few villagers were even lucky enough to bring a few of the herd down which will go a long way to replenishing diminishing food supplies.   The village will be busy with meat preparation and village repairs for the next several days – perhaps even longer.  And this is at a time when repairs to the guardhouse are still being enacted from the recent fire/prisoner escape. .

Elephant migration -2The bathhouse took substantial damage – but more of the hygienic nature than structural. It is important that no one tries to bathe in the waters until repairs and cleanup can be completed.   The Bathhouse owner was fortunate the animal decided to move on with the herd rather than take up permanent residence within the pools.  

Medica walls took a hit due to an elephant impact.  The entire structure shuddered and groaned as dust fell from the ceiling and items fell from the shelves inside.  The structure will need to be inspected and repairs needed as it is suspected there may be cracks in the existing structure.  

The Salty Swallow has scuffed floors and several of the boards are buckled due to an elephant making its way inside.  One of the elephants also helped itself by eating some of the more readily available stock.  

Elephant migration - 4 - croppedThe Governor’s hut narrowly escaped damage when an adolescent elephant slid down the mountain and crashed into the waters below.  The rope railings and walkways in this vicinity will all require extensive repairs.  And those that follow that path should take care of the mudslide area.  

Stormstead has survived the potential for pachyderm tragedy.  Damages were light considering the size of the beasts and the potential for damage.  The bathhouse can be cleaned, the walkways repaired.  And the meat is welcome and will go far to refurbish the village supplies.  It appears that it was just another day in the Jungle.  


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