Kuvari Contamination


Captain Valkyrie Aste Munthe and Governor Jil survey the site

A mysterious black sand is contaminating the Kuvari River between the village of Stormstead and the area of the Mystfolk Mound.   The Shoal are advised to steer clear of the area even as the Moei Asing people warn us away from it.  The source of the taint seems to be a black ichorous sand, which is currently being tested. So far it seems that certain forms of magic used on it result in catastrophic effects, causing bubbling, splashing, or ballistic movements of the water surrounding the black sand.  There is even reports that standing near it can cause burning of the skin.  Also found in the vicinity were the presence of hundreds of dead scarabs along the bank and the rocks lining the river.

Triana, the Medica’s lead healer, is now scarred with marks from the sand after a vicious scuffle with a mummy-type of creature.   The black sand has retained it’s dangerous properties – avoid this area if at all possible until the problem is properly contained.   A test sample was taken to the Governor’s hut for testing and experimentation to determine the next best course of action.   The sample itself was transported through the village  only after it was ensured that no other villagers would be in harms way.  Construction of a barrier has to try to contain the effects of the black sand while cleaning the area has commenced.


Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel

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