A Drink of Fresh Water!

A Drink of Fresh Water_001

Black Sand pollutants have been eradicated

Stormstead has lifted its warning on activity within the Kuvari river in the vicinity of the village. Merfolk are invited once again to visit the welcoming waters and the docks, and fishing can now resume. It is still advised that water from the Kuvari should be boiled prior to consumption and fish properly cooked to ensure all pollutants are eradicated.

Stormstead gives its thanks to the dedicated efforts of a number of individuals.  Lives could have easily been lost if it was not for Valkyrie and her Rock companion’s quick discovery of the source of contamination and ensuring the word spread far and wide. Many offered their assistance and aid, and all are recognized. Special appreciation goes to a small group that worked tirelessly in the purification efforts. A shaman bastet of the Moei Asing seemed to have taken charge in leading a group of three others –  a female with white features, a male with gossamer wings, and someone of unidentifiable origin of milky flesh and ebony features.

Their efforts proved so thorough that the waters beneath Stormstead are clean of even trash and debris that has been haunting the waters since a storm blew through not too many months ago.

Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel


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