The Razor’s Edge – Volcanic Glass


Molten Crucible’s Volcanic Glass – Weaponry that can be handled by Mystfolk!

Come one, come all to the Molten Crucible!

We have developed a new material that we call Volcanic Glass. This material is specially crafted to be as strong as steel while keeping a light, razor’s edge to slice through the toughest of foes.  Volcanic Glass is created through a special process in the volcano itself through a secret mixture of glass and a naturally occurring magical mineral.  This leaves the glass extremely strong and stiff and allows it to hold an edge unlike any other.  The glass weighs about ⅓ that of steel so it is very light and easy to wield.

Molten CrucibleBest of all, Volcanic Glass does not hurt Mystfolk –  unlike iron and steel, – meaning they too can have a formidable weapon for all of their cutting and piercing needs.  This material is exclusive to the Molten Crucible, so be sure to head under the volcano to get your Volcanic Glass today!  If used as a weapon, the glass will need to be brought in once per month for maintenance to ensure that it will not break, and that it holds a razor sharp edge.

The Molten Crucible is located in the Back Alley Market.  Simply enter the base of the volcano to the south, pass through the stone giant ruins, and follow the mineshaft tunnels upwards.  Alternatively, one may go through the wooden gate at the Night Cap to reach the same tunnels.

((Submitted by TenmeiHikari))

OOC Info. Volcanic Glass is similar to steel. Sharper but stiffer and slightly more brittle. Weapons made of Volcanic Glass need to be brought to the Molten Crucible once per month to repair. Volcanic Glass weighs ⅓ that of steel, so most swords will weigh about 1 pound or less. Daggers and knives will be almost weightless.))

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