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Crone’s Eye Looking to Hire!

Whispers Of Magic Crawl Across Eyr…

Do you feel it? Do you feel the energy surrounding you?
It is everywhere.
Reality distorted and changed. Figments drawing you closer.
Everything is not what it seems, yet it all points to The Swamps.
But be wary, Grainie’s got her eye on you.
So do the hungry alligators and carnivorous plants..
Can you brave the traps to bring order and balance to magic?
If you can prove yourself worthy to Grainie, make yourself known?
Stop by the Crone’s Eye… if you dare.  Show yourself.

(Apply here:


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The Governor Calls for Able-Bodied Volunteers!

Jill-for-governor-2The threat of Sindali is close at hand!  Stormstead citizens and the Asing shall work together to flush Sindali from hiding to end the reign of terror.  

All able-bodied citizens are being asked to gather at the Salty Swallow at 3 on Sunday for a brief planning session lead by the Governor.  

This is a call for all available volunteers.  We will need guards to patrol the borders of Stormstead to maintain the fires and ensure the safety of the Village.  We will also need skilled hunters and trackers to assist with the Hunt.

~ Governor Jil


Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel
For more information, see the Forum Event at:


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Ask The Jungle

9eb3d91fc0d6678c20d7bb5d3a9832ffThe jungle is not always a fun place. There are always things lurking in the shadows. As you travel into my Jungle just remember I’m your guide.  I am your Shadow and I will protect you on your journey.   You may ask what I’m like.  While I’m not all that open and wish to remain a mystery,  I want you to know that I will never seek to harm. I want to pull back the brush to allow you to see the jungle just outside of the village.

I am the Silver Shadow.

I am quiet and elusive.  I keep to myself watching.  I have numerous experiences and life lessons.   I am a silent observer and have seen rituals both here and abroad.  I have learned many things in my time on the plains and I want to share them with you.  And I am willing to share my knowledge… my advice.  Those of you that would like advice or just need something to talk about write in to me. I will answer everything and anything that you give.

Remember the shadows are watching. I am watching.

Silver Shadow

((Please just send letters in notecard format to Trinkles Aho))
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The Eternal Wants You

The Eternal wants you to join the Shalan Rebels!

Shalan'ti Warriors

Join the Ranks of the Shalan Rebels

The Shalan Rebels are the supreme military force of the city of Ebon Reach, dedicated to ending the civil war of Shalan’ti. The Rebels work to protect the great city of Ebon Reach and its businesses while maintaining law and order within the solid stone walls left by the stone giants as decreed by the Ebon Council.

Benefits include:

  • Top of the line Volcanic Glass armaments and tools
  • Military combat training
  • Subsidized goods from the Back Alley Market
  • Substantial stipends
  • Authority to enforce law within Ebon Reach and its territories

Are your muscles weak? We will train you!
Is your mind feeble? We will teach you!
Do you seek honor? We will lead you to glory!

For more information or enlisting, seek out at Ebon Reach:

    • The Eternal (Sykirra Nadezda)
    • The Marshal (Maze Ormega)
    • The Voice of the Eternal (Skorpiondeath Resident)
    • The Keeper of the Void (Tenmeihikari Resident)

Submitted by TenmeiHikari Resident

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Plague Ravages Shalan Capital Amid Attacks

Plague Ravages Shalan Capital Amid Attacks

Eyr_ShalantiAmid the ongoing civil war between the ruling noble houses, the ancient mountain capital of the Shalan Empire has suffered a double blow.   The Ivory City was attacked by a rogue dragon while still ravaged by the same plague that surfaced during the Trade Fair and spread rapidly through the village and out into the jungle.

KiajaThe Eternal Sonjat Tan, Kiaja of House Naijujai who has only just returned from a humanitarian visit to the war-torn capital city said, “The effects of this devastating illness have been nothing short of horrific within the close confines of the refugee-packed city. The people of Shalan’ti have suffered terribly from the plague which spread quicker than anyone could have anticipated. Whoever is responsible will be found and brought to justice. The people of my Empire deserve no less.”

Some believe it was the dragon that brought the plague to the Ivory City, citing how soon after it struck Stormstead that it appeared in Shalan’ti. “That is yet to be seen,” said the Sonjat Tan, when asked. “But it does fit with what we know.”

Even now, the leader of the city of Ebon Reach has sent another regiment of soldiers to help distribute the cure to the plague within the capital. She only prays it is in time.

~~ Hand delivered to Craft Dock by anonymous Ebon Reach emissary

Submitted OOCly by Sykirra Nazdezda

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Stormstead’s Love Expo!

Mengawan, the Breeding Season, is fully underway! Stormstead is being struck by the LOVE fever!

This upcoming weekend the Stormstead Governor, Council, and Business Owners our presenting a Love Expo!


The Love Expo is scheduled to open on Friday the 19th at the Bath House and surrounding area. It is the perfect time to shop around for some much needed date item essentials or prepare for a date! There will even be some ‘date’ locations about the area! There will be something for everyone whether you just want to treat yourself, pamper yourself before a date, or enjoy the day with a special someone! Some great businesses will be involved to make sure your day is extra special including the Salty Swallow Tavern, the Tidal Wave Bookstore, and the Hand Crafted!

The Love Expo will conclude with two balls.

The Sweet Romance Ball will be on Saturday 20th starting at 6pm. It’s theme is pink, purple, and white. It is the perfect place for freshly buddling love, true love, and deep romances. Single? Don’t have a date? Come anyways! Maybe all you need to do is walk by once, and something will begin to bloom.

The Erotic Passion Ball will be on Sunday 21st starting at 11 am.  This ball is limited to adults ONLY.  No children permitted! The theme will be red and black, some nudity will be permitted. It will be quite a bit risque.

Submitted by Governor Jil


Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel

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Threat from the Sea!

Beware the Jellies Warning of sea-bound threat! Merfolk Welcomed!

Stormstead has issued a warning on swimming within the Kuvari River!

All merfolk and other aquatic races are advised to seek inland waters.  Stormstead has opened it’s ‘doors’ to the bath house for temporary shelter to those in need.
The rivers of the Kuvari are teaming with jellyfishes packing a lethal shock. All waters directly connected with the sea as well as the coast line has been invaded.  It seems the jellyfish are currently amidst their breeding. Efforts made to fish have came up empty handed.

It is speculated that once the jellyfish are done copulating they will head back out to deeper waters. Once the water is safe again, the warning signs will be removed. Till then, heed them!

Submitted by Governor Jil


Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel

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Battle in the Bog


Something Left a Mess in the Crone’s Eye

((This edition of the Rumour Mill isn’t being circulated via the Mill’s typical stationary))

Last night I was out snapping up some fresh alligator eggs in the swamp and I heard something frightful happening over at that there Crone’s Eye place.

Normally I keep clear clear of it. Place gives me the goose flesh I tells ya! All that magicking and hexes and culty flimflamy. No thanks!

But this time I couldn’t help meself. There was this awful howlin and growlin. Something big! Deep set like. Never heard that before in the swamps!

Then a man I think started screaming! High like. Like he was dying! I sneaked me way over there cause I gots more curiosity than brains I think. There was this loud bang crash right before I peeped through the window. The screaming just stopped alla sudden when that happened too.

I saws a freakish sight I did! A giant reddish mandog was tearing up the place and roaring at the top of its lungs! I’m glad the thing didn’t see me where I was or else I’d be a goners for sure! It knocked a bunch of shelves and stuffs before finally smashing the door nearly clean off its hinges like! Damn thing ran howling into the swamps and I lost sights of it.

I didn’t have the courage to go inside. Someone was sprawled out behind the bashed up counter. I could see a slashed up leg but thats alls. I turned tail and ran back to the village cause I didn’t want to run into that dog thing. Don’t know if the leg was attached to the new manager of the shop. Didn’t that fella just get that job? Damn shame. Damn shame.

-Anonymous Eye Witness

OOC Info: Article and graphic supplied by Farah Hannu


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Wetter is Better but Not When it’s Hot

Mermish Baths Event Crashed

Bathhouse Relaxation Turns to Bedlam

The Mermish sponsored rest and relaxation event erupted in chaos with the arrival of a hungry dragon on Saturday night.  The event was packed with relaxing bathhouse patrons and beautiful Mer.  Tasteful food platters and fine beverages were readily available and calming harp music filled the air.  All was idyllic until the dragon arrived.    

After a tremendous roar that shook the rafters and a threat aimed after the hapless barkeep, the beast began to get truly belligerent and threatening.  Strange magics whirled in the air as it began to rain inside the building.  An ominous bellow of smoke and the glowing maw of the dragon sent most of the patrons scurrying for exits.  Several choosing to simply leap out the nearest window — and luckily not the windows overlooking the cliffs.  Flames ensued and the party was officially over.  Threats were cast, flames erupted, knives were drawn, and spells began to darken the air.

Several injuries reported with everything from horrific burning from the dragonfire itself to minor cuts and bruises obtained by those flipping too hurriedly from the windows.  

Those that were injured began departing as wounds were tended and the crowds died down.  The building itself suffered some smoke and water damages and one of the support beams severely scarred when the oversized, angry dragon backed out to fly off into the night skies.

This night will be remembered.  A night of peaceful repose dashed, people fleeing into the night, and a Mer severely burned.  It will not be forgotten.

Submitted by Blanche Greyling


Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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Stormstead’s Celebration of the Cure Tainted by Archery Misfortune


Ceallach Heavenmyst

Is it archery misfortune or a curse?  Friday night’s feast in honor of Myan Alika drew to a horrific end at the near death of one of Stormstead’s own citizens, Ceallach Heavenmyst.  The stalwart smithy had agreed to judge the archery contest and was standing well to the side of the intended targets when not one, but two arrows, misfired and struck the man.

The first shot was fired by an elven member of the Moei Asing. Etheria’s shot spun out and arced in the smithy’s direction striking him in the leg.  Ceallach motioned to continue the contest even as Myan Alika sprang to lend her assistance.  Etheria immediately claimed foul play and began blaming the weaponry which had been provided by Hand Crafted.  This reporter was skeptical at such a claim as the bow had been crafted by members of the Craft dock and Ceallach himself had lead the demonstration on bowery.   Why would the man work to create faulty bows for a contest he himself would be judging later?  Minutes later after the first misfire, however, Governor Jil fired an arrow from the selfsame bow.  Again, from a near impossible trajectory Ceallach was struck and this time in a critical area near the heart.  This time there was little doubt as the elven governor had been serving as an example of fine elven archery up until that point.  His form flawless, his shots dead on.


Myan Alika

The event fell into chaos as Myan Alika lead a group to carry the critically wounded smithy to a nearby cave to try to stop the bleeding.  It was to be a tight race as the smithy appeared near death.  The remaining celebration members milled about while conjectures regarding a possibly tainted or cursed bow began to surface.

Was the bow cursed?  If so by whom and how?  Who would want to see the smithy dead?  Rumors abound about the incident.  Ceallach has recovered but questions remain.  What happened here?  Most certainly foul play.

Submitted by Blanche Greyling


Submitted OOCLy by Blanche Fralto

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