Stormstead State of Emergency – Plague!

A vicious plague revealed itself at Saturday’s Trade Fair.  Lyn, the entertainer was the first plague victim.  She entered the area coughing and weak, finally dropping as a gout of blackness erupted from her mouth.  The illness struck with the speed and strength of a well thrown spear and driven to replicate itself by causing apparent uncontrollable bursts of rage and aggression.  Even as the dancer collapsed, people were beginning to cough. Within minutes nearly everyone at the fair began exhibiting symptoms.  Chaos quickly ensued as battles broke out among those infected while others attempted to flee.  The black mucus dripping from victim’s mouths seemed to reflect the darkness it awoke within its victims. Guard Captain Valkyrie called out a warning but alas the call was too late – the infection too virulent.     The illness itself seemed to show no favorites – indeed all races with the exception of the undead were apparently susceptible to its influence.  Captain Makara was one of the first to become infected even as he took dragon form to try to fight the illness.

Swamp Battle-wolves-demons.CROP

Infected Wolf and Demon Battle in the Swamp

By late Saturday afternoon, there were pockets of aggression lashing out throughout the jungle as loved ones attempted to corral their ill family members and friends.  Basic tenants of community began breaking down.  Friends turned upon friend and families became divided.  No one exhibiting the black ichor could be trusted. Those sickened victims seemed driven to spread their infection through stealth and open hostility.  The uninfected began identifying themselves by spitting on their hand and displaying it as a sign of trust.  Any sign of the blackness was reason to turn on the infected and attempt to drive them off before further infection could be passed.   Enraged dragons swept the sky while demons battled wolves in the swamp.

Far from the Traders Fair beach location–in fact, just outside of the Mystfolk Mound, The first two identified carriers, Kurisuti and Lyn, continued to viciously battle each other with no end in sight!  Governor Jil, who was ignorant of the blight at the time, arrived on the scene and demanded for them to find a more civil means to sort out their arguments. His commands went vastly ignored.  A young child  was caught up in the vicious battle between the two before it came to an exhausted end.  Myan Alika arrived with a red-headed elven ranger and they both witnessed the wind-down of the altercation.  For Jil’s own safety and that of the village, The Myan Alika urged the Governor to return to the village as he seemed to not yet be infected by the plague. She said that Ame Moei would guide her to find an end to this rise of chaos.  With great reluctance Jil left knowing that his presence was needed in Stormstead.

Valkyrie Infected.CROP

Valkyrie Infected!

The Myan and the red-headed elf took Kurisuti and Lyn to a cave to administer herbal treatments to them. Both were tied and bound to reduce the chances of them harming themselves or others.  Once there, Alika was able to pull from her vast knowledge of healing medicinals and put them to the test as she began various tests of herbal combinations.  Meanwhile, Stormstead Council member, Prince Jens, arrived at the cave to lend assistance. He was soon followed by others who were seeking answers to the plague..  Another young child was left in the care of those inside by Arakaki, who left to lend his assistance elsewhere.  

More sick continued to arrive.  At one point, a strange figure in a dark cloak showed up and tossed a highly infectious Valkyrie upon the floor.  Driven by the curse, Valkyrie began attacking those within the cave and a fight ensued to restrain the aasimar.   Luckily the elf was able to get away and Valkyrie left spent and lying on the ground.  Myan Alika continued to work tirelessly on her herbal concoctions and remedies.  The sense of urgency about the cave was tangible and it elevated itself another notch as the Prince announced that he felt the presence of a malicious entity.  

Vials Arrive.Crop

The Cure is Delivered!

At last, the Myan’s efforts paid off and a potential cure was administered to Lyn and Kurisuti. It had came just in the brink of time.  The evil entity the Prince had felt revealed itself as a giant centipede, seemingly summoned from the ground itself, and made a horrific and threatening display.   The Prince urged everyone to flee while he battled the creature to ensure their escape.  The giant insect was eventually driven off, but not before the Prince himself suffered injury.

Sunday morning arrived and Myan Alika diligently worked to replicate the cure and prepare it for distribution throughout the jungle.  The red-headed elf delivered the first set of vials to the Governor’s Hut in Stormstead.  When the elf returned to the cave he arrived with the Prince by happenstance.  Arakaki had also returned to check in on the boy left the night prior.  The Myan Alika sent the bastet, Gweodyn out with another round of cures before setting her tired self to work on mending the Prince, who was still favoring injuries from his battle with the centipede.    

Sindali Infected.CROP

Infected Dire Tiger!

Mayhem continued throughout the day even as rumors of a cure began to circulate. Lyn made her way to the shores of the Kuvari appearing exhausted, but showed no signs of her earlier illness. Along with her came Gweodyn who was carrying vials with the cure.  They met up with Blanche and Gideon who had just paddled their way up the river to check on the state of the Village.   Governor Jil arrived soon after carrying even more containers of the cure.  It seemed that events were turning in our favor to mend the jungle whole again when the winds abruptly swept in more danger.  

Those infected began to converge by the Governor’s hut in hope of furthering the infection. Worse still, Sindali, the monstrous tigress that had caused death and destruction for Stormstead prior, appeared atop the hillside and roared forth her challenge. The tigress began stalking the hapless villagers,

Red Dragon.CROP

Infected Fire Dragon!

many of whom were injured or ill already.    To add to the terrible chaos, an infected red-scaled dragon landed in the midst of the population and began spewing flames.  Village structures were scorched and even sections of the town put to flame.

Gweodyn suffered severe burns for her efforts of bringing the cure to Stormstead.  Fortunately, one of the Merfolk, Kel’iah, rose from the waters to come to her aid and tend to her wounds..  Blanche and Gideon retreated back into the jungle.  Governor Jil made good use of his doses of cure by hurling them into the open, blackened maw of the red dragon.  Jil then assisted Lyn and Gweodyn to the Governor’s Hut where they could recover throughout the night.  

Lyn-Jil Battle Chaos.CROP

Governor Jil provides protection to a weakened Lyn


Governor Jil was hard pressed in his attempts to save citizenry and assist the village.  His quick and level-headed thinking helped saved lives while his water spells helped protect against damage to the structures.  With so many ill, it is unlikely that repairs will be accomplished quickly.  But all in all, Stormstead appears to have chosen well with Governor Jil and it appears the village owes a solid debt of thanks to Myan Alika.  

As of today, there are still more suffering the sickness out there that need to be tracked down. The Stormstead Guards have declared a state of emergency.  Anyone found showing signs of the blackened mucus infection are to be quarantined to the Medica and strapped down until the cure can be circulated to all jungle citizens.  

~~~~ Stormstead citizens – protect yourselves! ~~~~
~~~~We will move forward.  We MUST Move Forward ~~~~

Submitted by Blanche Greyling and Governor Jil

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto and Jens IxChel
Event Title: Parasitus Malum


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