Work Party for Weaponry Supplies

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A call went out from the Governor’s Tea to Stormstead citizenry to help restock weaponry for the guardhouse.  Last month’s fire devastated the structure and laid waste to most of the cached supplies.  Recent events including the death of one of Stormstead’s own fishermen due to the savagery of a dire tiger attack has elevated the need for defensive weapons.  A cry went out to not only restock the armory but also to train and arm the citizens for better defense.

Once again Stormstead citizens and outside volunteers rallied to help one another by gathering at the Hand Crafted dock to participate in an impromptu ‘weapons party.’  Supplies had been gathered and set out and guests brought in to teach and assist people in the art of making bows and fletching arrows.  Hand Crafted’s own smithy, Ceallach Heavenmyst lead the demonstration on bowery.  He crafted a bow made of lemonwood.  Daniel also brought his crossbow and provided a demo on this unusual weapon.  And the far corner of the dock hosted an arrow fletching gathering lead by Blanche.

Response to the demonstrations was mixed as there were numerous distractions and activities taking place within this eclectic group.  Music and dancing began  lending a festiveness to the gathering.  Food and drink was generously provided by the Salty Swallow to show their support of the endeavor.  Arakaki arrived not only with food and drink to fill the masses but also produced a fiddle to add to the festive air.  Lilting flute music was provided by a dark-skinned fae with purple wings.  Lyn and Clover danced beautifully and even stayed to help with craft weaponry once the musicians were called away.  

The event culminated with a generous pile of arrows and a few more bows to add to the arsenal.  No doubt this event will be recreated in the future to continue to increase public safety and awareness.

Submitted by Blanche Greyling

Article Submission by Blanche Fralto


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