Myan Extends an Invitation


Myan Alika

Myan Alika extended an invitation to the people of
Stormstead and Ebon Reach to participate in a ceremony of repentance and offering for past deeds committed against Ame Moei.  This opportunity was presented to allow tribute to the land to make up for items taken or used throughout the year without prayer or ritual toward the spirit of the Goddess.  For those followers of Ame Moei this was a solemn event.  It was also significant to the peoples of Stormstead and Ebon Reach in that it was the first time those outside of the faith have been invited.


Alika Kalu, Former lead of the Sum’ei’a 

The Moei Asing leader herself proceeded over the ceremony which was held near the Cascades. The area had already collected quite a crowd when I arrived and even more people drifted in as the event progressed.  Each was asked to name their action or item to demonstrate repentance.   Once named and the parchment tossed into the fire, these people will forego whatever was written for the net two weeks to demonstrate their respect for the Goddess and what she provides.   To the Moei Asing this is a yearly event. But for Stormstead attendees, this was a first.  It was also a time to ask for repentance for deeds committed over the last ten years.


Kel’iah, Governor Jil, and Lyn

The Myan brought forward Governor Jil for the final part of the ceremony.  The Eternal had been unable to attend.  Jil was first given a potion to start the cleansing process.  His reaction was not favorable and to be honest I feared for his health.  It would have been a shame to lose our Governor so soon after election.  But he rallied sufficiently to continue with the ceremony.  The Myan then presented him with a mix of honey and plant matter, earth, and soils which were poured over his body.   This process did not look particularly pleasant.  Especially on top of the effects of the potion which were still being felt.  And finally, there was dancing.

The ceremony was dubbed a success by the Myan herself.  Ame Moei accepted everyone’s offerings as belated tribute toward her resources.  Does this herald a new phase of relations between Stormstead and the Moei Asings?  Let us hope so and use this opportunity to move forward.

Submitted by Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto


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