Stormstead’s Celebration of the Cure Tainted by Archery Misfortune


Ceallach Heavenmyst

Is it archery misfortune or a curse?  Friday night’s feast in honor of Myan Alika drew to a horrific end at the near death of one of Stormstead’s own citizens, Ceallach Heavenmyst.  The stalwart smithy had agreed to judge the archery contest and was standing well to the side of the intended targets when not one, but two arrows, misfired and struck the man.

The first shot was fired by an elven member of the Moei Asing. Etheria’s shot spun out and arced in the smithy’s direction striking him in the leg.  Ceallach motioned to continue the contest even as Myan Alika sprang to lend her assistance.  Etheria immediately claimed foul play and began blaming the weaponry which had been provided by Hand Crafted.  This reporter was skeptical at such a claim as the bow had been crafted by members of the Craft dock and Ceallach himself had lead the demonstration on bowery.   Why would the man work to create faulty bows for a contest he himself would be judging later?  Minutes later after the first misfire, however, Governor Jil fired an arrow from the selfsame bow.  Again, from a near impossible trajectory Ceallach was struck and this time in a critical area near the heart.  This time there was little doubt as the elven governor had been serving as an example of fine elven archery up until that point.  His form flawless, his shots dead on.


Myan Alika

The event fell into chaos as Myan Alika lead a group to carry the critically wounded smithy to a nearby cave to try to stop the bleeding.  It was to be a tight race as the smithy appeared near death.  The remaining celebration members milled about while conjectures regarding a possibly tainted or cursed bow began to surface.

Was the bow cursed?  If so by whom and how?  Who would want to see the smithy dead?  Rumors abound about the incident.  Ceallach has recovered but questions remain.  What happened here?  Most certainly foul play.

Submitted by Blanche Greyling


Submitted OOCLy by Blanche Fralto

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