Wetter is Better but Not When it’s Hot

Mermish Baths Event Crashed

Bathhouse Relaxation Turns to Bedlam

The Mermish sponsored rest and relaxation event erupted in chaos with the arrival of a hungry dragon on Saturday night.  The event was packed with relaxing bathhouse patrons and beautiful Mer.  Tasteful food platters and fine beverages were readily available and calming harp music filled the air.  All was idyllic until the dragon arrived.    

After a tremendous roar that shook the rafters and a threat aimed after the hapless barkeep, the beast began to get truly belligerent and threatening.  Strange magics whirled in the air as it began to rain inside the building.  An ominous bellow of smoke and the glowing maw of the dragon sent most of the patrons scurrying for exits.  Several choosing to simply leap out the nearest window — and luckily not the windows overlooking the cliffs.  Flames ensued and the party was officially over.  Threats were cast, flames erupted, knives were drawn, and spells began to darken the air.

Several injuries reported with everything from horrific burning from the dragonfire itself to minor cuts and bruises obtained by those flipping too hurriedly from the windows.  

Those that were injured began departing as wounds were tended and the crowds died down.  The building itself suffered some smoke and water damages and one of the support beams severely scarred when the oversized, angry dragon backed out to fly off into the night skies.

This night will be remembered.  A night of peaceful repose dashed, people fleeing into the night, and a Mer severely burned.  It will not be forgotten.

Submitted by Blanche Greyling


Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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