Battle in the Bog


Something Left a Mess in the Crone’s Eye

((This edition of the Rumour Mill isn’t being circulated via the Mill’s typical stationary))

Last night I was out snapping up some fresh alligator eggs in the swamp and I heard something frightful happening over at that there Crone’s Eye place.

Normally I keep clear clear of it. Place gives me the goose flesh I tells ya! All that magicking and hexes and culty flimflamy. No thanks!

But this time I couldn’t help meself. There was this awful howlin and growlin. Something big! Deep set like. Never heard that before in the swamps!

Then a man I think started screaming! High like. Like he was dying! I sneaked me way over there cause I gots more curiosity than brains I think. There was this loud bang crash right before I peeped through the window. The screaming just stopped alla sudden when that happened too.

I saws a freakish sight I did! A giant reddish mandog was tearing up the place and roaring at the top of its lungs! I’m glad the thing didn’t see me where I was or else I’d be a goners for sure! It knocked a bunch of shelves and stuffs before finally smashing the door nearly clean off its hinges like! Damn thing ran howling into the swamps and I lost sights of it.

I didn’t have the courage to go inside. Someone was sprawled out behind the bashed up counter. I could see a slashed up leg but thats alls. I turned tail and ran back to the village cause I didn’t want to run into that dog thing. Don’t know if the leg was attached to the new manager of the shop. Didn’t that fella just get that job? Damn shame. Damn shame.

-Anonymous Eye Witness

OOC Info: Article and graphic supplied by Farah Hannu


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