Stormstead’s Love Expo!

Mengawan, the Breeding Season, is fully underway! Stormstead is being struck by the LOVE fever!

This upcoming weekend the Stormstead Governor, Council, and Business Owners our presenting a Love Expo!


The Love Expo is scheduled to open on Friday the 19th at the Bath House and surrounding area. It is the perfect time to shop around for some much needed date item essentials or prepare for a date! There will even be some ‘date’ locations about the area! There will be something for everyone whether you just want to treat yourself, pamper yourself before a date, or enjoy the day with a special someone! Some great businesses will be involved to make sure your day is extra special including the Salty Swallow Tavern, the Tidal Wave Bookstore, and the Hand Crafted!

The Love Expo will conclude with two balls.

The Sweet Romance Ball will be on Saturday 20th starting at 6pm. It’s theme is pink, purple, and white. It is the perfect place for freshly buddling love, true love, and deep romances. Single? Don’t have a date? Come anyways! Maybe all you need to do is walk by once, and something will begin to bloom.

The Erotic Passion Ball will be on Sunday 21st starting at 11 am.  This ball is limited to adults ONLY.  No children permitted! The theme will be red and black, some nudity will be permitted. It will be quite a bit risque.

Submitted by Governor Jil


Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel

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