Threat from the Sea!

Beware the Jellies Warning of sea-bound threat! Merfolk Welcomed!

Stormstead has issued a warning on swimming within the Kuvari River!

All merfolk and other aquatic races are advised to seek inland waters.  Stormstead has opened it’s ‘doors’ to the bath house for temporary shelter to those in need.
The rivers of the Kuvari are teaming with jellyfishes packing a lethal shock. All waters directly connected with the sea as well as the coast line has been invaded.  It seems the jellyfish are currently amidst their breeding. Efforts made to fish have came up empty handed.

It is speculated that once the jellyfish are done copulating they will head back out to deeper waters. Once the water is safe again, the warning signs will be removed. Till then, heed them!

Submitted by Governor Jil


Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel

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