Plague Ravages Shalan Capital Amid Attacks

Plague Ravages Shalan Capital Amid Attacks

Eyr_ShalantiAmid the ongoing civil war between the ruling noble houses, the ancient mountain capital of the Shalan Empire has suffered a double blow.   The Ivory City was attacked by a rogue dragon while still ravaged by the same plague that surfaced during the Trade Fair and spread rapidly through the village and out into the jungle.

KiajaThe Eternal Sonjat Tan, Kiaja of House Naijujai who has only just returned from a humanitarian visit to the war-torn capital city said, “The effects of this devastating illness have been nothing short of horrific within the close confines of the refugee-packed city. The people of Shalan’ti have suffered terribly from the plague which spread quicker than anyone could have anticipated. Whoever is responsible will be found and brought to justice. The people of my Empire deserve no less.”

Some believe it was the dragon that brought the plague to the Ivory City, citing how soon after it struck Stormstead that it appeared in Shalan’ti. “That is yet to be seen,” said the Sonjat Tan, when asked. “But it does fit with what we know.”

Even now, the leader of the city of Ebon Reach has sent another regiment of soldiers to help distribute the cure to the plague within the capital. She only prays it is in time.

~~ Hand delivered to Craft Dock by anonymous Ebon Reach emissary

Submitted OOCly by Sykirra Nazdezda

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