The Eternal Wants You

The Eternal wants you to join the Shalan Rebels!

Shalan'ti Warriors

Join the Ranks of the Shalan Rebels

The Shalan Rebels are the supreme military force of the city of Ebon Reach, dedicated to ending the civil war of Shalan’ti. The Rebels work to protect the great city of Ebon Reach and its businesses while maintaining law and order within the solid stone walls left by the stone giants as decreed by the Ebon Council.

Benefits include:

  • Top of the line Volcanic Glass armaments and tools
  • Military combat training
  • Subsidized goods from the Back Alley Market
  • Substantial stipends
  • Authority to enforce law within Ebon Reach and its territories

Are your muscles weak? We will train you!
Is your mind feeble? We will teach you!
Do you seek honor? We will lead you to glory!

For more information or enlisting, seek out at Ebon Reach:

    • The Eternal (Sykirra Nadezda)
    • The Marshal (Maze Ormega)
    • The Voice of the Eternal (Skorpiondeath Resident)
    • The Keeper of the Void (Tenmeihikari Resident)

Submitted by TenmeiHikari Resident

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