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9eb3d91fc0d6678c20d7bb5d3a9832ffThe jungle is not always a fun place. There are always things lurking in the shadows. As you travel into my Jungle just remember I’m your guide.  I am your Shadow and I will protect you on your journey.   You may ask what I’m like.  While I’m not all that open and wish to remain a mystery,  I want you to know that I will never seek to harm. I want to pull back the brush to allow you to see the jungle just outside of the village.

I am the Silver Shadow.

I am quiet and elusive.  I keep to myself watching.  I have numerous experiences and life lessons.   I am a silent observer and have seen rituals both here and abroad.  I have learned many things in my time on the plains and I want to share them with you.  And I am willing to share my knowledge… my advice.  Those of you that would like advice or just need something to talk about write in to me. I will answer everything and anything that you give.

Remember the shadows are watching. I am watching.

Silver Shadow

((Please just send letters in notecard format to Trinkles Aho))
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