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A Citizen’s Cry to Put an End to Ebon Reach

Image of a Scroll Bag

Editorial Corner

As a citizen of Stormstead I am frustrated and furious.  I want the dead to stay dead.  I want them deader.  I want the Reachers to crawl back in their hole and become victims to the Void they worship. I want to twist the undead inside out and upside down to spill out their innards to become fertilizer at my feet.  Then I want to spit on the remains before setting it all on fire.  And right now I would I would give everything I own to see that happen. I am not alone in these wishes.   Any Villager who has been here more than a week wants the same thing.

Stormstead village has been victimized yet again.  Valkyrie has been taken hostage suffering who knows what sorts of torture.   Amara Hendry remains in the Medica struggling for breath with damaged lungs. For what?  The Reach’s purpose unknown though the guardhouse appears to be the target.  Weaponry theft?  I think not.    They have more weapons at their disposal than we could hope to put together.   They wield spells, spiders and serpents with apparent impunity.  And now they have swords that emit toxins that damage our lungs and render us helpless and at their disposal.  The dead are using to target the living.  How do we fight this?  They are dead already which makes them impervious to most anything I can do.   

Our blood has been spilled and taken against our will and for evil purposes.  Our citizens have been attacked, poisoned, trapped, kidnapped, tortured, and held hostage.  Our own Governor became a victim to one of their pit traps not once but twice.  We have lost weapons and supplies.  Our Medica was sacked.  For what?  The dead have no need of healing.  It was a needless theft and destruction of items we work so hard to obtain and create.  But above all – we have lost lives.  At least one has died at the hands of Ebon Reach during the time I have been here.  Many more I’m sure I will never know about.  I wonder how many skeletons lie in those tunnels?

We know the names of at least two of the Lich villains.  Hikari and Malorum.  We know also know of a drider was involved in this last raid and a helmeted figure that has been recognized as being in the village before.  From here on out I believe we fire first and ask questions later.  Burn them.  That is one of the few avenues open.  At least if burned it takes them overnight to respawn.  Burn them and then take their tunnels.  

Every Villager needs to stand ready.  If you even suspect someone is of the Reach – raise the alarm.  Carry your weaponry with you at all times.  Don’t ask, don’t question, don’t hesitate.  Make the first strike against them count as it may be the only chance you get.  They are powerful.  We need to be more aggressive.  We need to make this vermin scuttle back beneath the ground where they belong.   They are already dead.  Now is the time to bury them.


Submitted by Mousey Brown

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Ebon Reach Attacks Guardhouse – Valkyrie Taken!


Hikari, Mastermind Behind Attack

The Village of Stormstead suffered yet another attack by Ebon Reach on Monday night.   The night erupted in cries for help as Amara Hendry fled the guardhouse covered in  webbing and coughing from seared lungs due to toxic gasses. 

The guardhouse was attacked.  A sword was stuck through the floorboards which emitted a gas. “It was an attack led by Hikari. The Drider tricked us with him, backed up by the Undead warrior seen about before.”  When questioned further about the warrior, Amara had this to say:  “I believe it was the same person, yes. I remember that person who came in smelling like death to the Medica. It was the same.”

Hikari, who is also known as ‘Master of the Void’ is known for his torments and attacks and is well known within the village.  It is believed he wielded the sword emitting the toxins and was also the one to attack the Guard Captain, Valkyrie.     


Valkyrie Taken as Hostage

The damage to her lungs proved her undoing and the hapless Amara became the drider’s victim.  Lungs damaged and coughing from the poisonous gas, she was captured and spun into a cocoon.  Thus powerless she was threatened with death which resulted in Valkyrie’s selfless surrender to save the woman.  

As of this evening, the bard remains in the Medica.  She is improving slowly but steadily.  Her lungs taking most of the damage she remains weak and under the care of the healers.

Valkyrie is vanished.  Assumed that she has been escorted to the depths of Ebon Reach where more treachery and misery awaits.  We have to get her back.  We have to stop this.

What is Stormstead to do against the onslaught of evil?  All citizens are called upon to use caution.  Carry weapons with you at all times and be on the lookout for a drider whose name remains unknown, and Hikari.   Do not attempt retribution on your own – if seen call out immediately and gather help.   We need our Guard Captain back.  Hopefully that can be arranged.


Submitted by Blanche Greyling
OOC Submission by Blanche Fralto



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Crone’s Eye Magic Show Reveals a Monster-In-Hiding

Mal Dead

Mal – at the scene of his ‘first’ death in the Night Cap several months ago.

Sunday’s Magical Dual sponsored by the Crone’s Eye turned out to be a surprise in more ways than one.  Braeden, the Manager of the magic shop and known to many was revealed as none other than Malorum, the Lich and known denizen of Ebon Reach.   With the first spell cast, Braeden/Mal showed a marked physical deterioration.  A swarm of locusts burst forth from his mouth to attack his opponent which confirmed his identity to anyone that knew him.  The Lich seems fond of his locust pets.  His physical deterioration was rapid at this point, his skin and organs sloughing off to reveal the monster beneath.  Mal returns once again having hidden and working amongst us while disguised as Braeden.

Mal’s return triggered chaos at the magical contest.  His magical opponent fled the scene covered with locusts and shrieking in fear.  Shouting and confusion reigned for several moments as enraged citizens realized  Braeden’s true identity.  Once again the citizens of Eyr had been duped by the duplicity of Ebon Reach.  Arakaki Arashitori, bravely stepped forward to battle the Lich for the last round of the competition.  The duel was closely matched and fraught with tension but luck ran with the Lich and Mal emerged victorious.   

Contestants for the day’s event included Arakaki Arashitori, Blanche Greyling, and the Mer Cleric, Kel’iah.  

We all need to be alert and ever watchful.  How knows how many more of the evil branch of undead are roaming about the Village docks.  How many are Ebon Reach spies?  Be watchful Stormstead.  Ebon Reach spies are amongst us.

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The Prince of Shadows Sought for Questioning

There have been many strange happenings as of late regarding our own Stormstead government and its members these past few weeks.

  • The Governor’s extended absence investigating Ebon Reach;
  • The equally mysterious and extended absence of Council member Jens;.
  • An heroic act of revenge gone awry resulting in near-death injuries

It all started last week when the Mer Cleric, Kel’iah, stumbled on weak legs to the Hand Crafted Dock.  She told a tale of kidnapping, hostage-taking, threats of torture, and eventual escape and release.  All involving Stormstead’s own council member, Prince Jens.


Governor Jil

Our own Governor Jil had appointed Wanton Aime to act in his stead while he conducted a personal investigation into Ebon Reach.  He had been missing for several days and citizens were beginning to worry.  However he appeared near the dock within moments after Kel’iah had blurted out her story, lead by the Mer Matriarch, Alithia.  His explanation for extended absence was that he fell victim to yet another Ebon Reach trap, having managed to escape with injury.  Indeed, there were marks about his wrists attesting to this.  Though obviously weak and in need of recovery, Jil listened to the facts presented by Kel’iah and then weighed in quickly with a decision.  Subsequent orders were then issued to the Guard Captain, Valkyrie,  to seek out Jens for questioning in regard to this matter.  The Prince’ absence remains conspicuous, however, and now we must wonder if he indeed escaped at all.  Kel’iah’s report indicated that he had been injured in their escape from the deep recesses of Ebon Reach.  No one has reported seeing him since.

The information Kel’iah presented was confusing.  One key question — who or what is Ka’al?   Kel’iah reported that she happened upon a being called Ka’al who was not only



wearing apparel similar to Jens but also wearing a necklace she herself had given to Jens.  Is this character real?   Were strange magics at work?  Reportedly, this Ka’al entity escorted her to the depths of Ebon Reach and this is where the story gets even more twisted.

Ka’al himself was tricked and imprisoned in a cage.  But while caged he underwent some sort of transformation and Jens appeared within as reported by Kel’iah.   Who is Ka’al and what are his ties to Jens?  Again, makes one ponder the state of the Mer’s faculties. Or wonder at strange magics at play.   And what of the rest of those present?  Kel’iah reported they were pressed to surrender blood samples by evil denizens of the Reach.  She described a hooded figure that sounds very much like the lich ‘Hikari’ whose attacks menaced the village several months back.  The Mer also identified Mal as being present.  The impossible-to-kill Necrowolf who has re-emerged as a lich.  Threats of torture were delivered and questioning ensued at the hands of the masked figure and the Necrowolf.   Serious injury and even the possibility of death seemed imminent until Kel’iah and Jens staged an escape..  The attempt resulted in Kel’iah being tossed to the waters.  The last sighting Kel’iah had of Jens showed him as injured and still within the clutches of the Reach.


Jens IxChel, Prince of Shadows

News of the incident was passed on to Stormstead council members at the last council gathering.  News of this latest betray by the Reach and the Necrowolf’s involvement triggered yet more violence as Daniel and Kaori took to the caverns of Ebon Reach in search of the villain.  Both of whom received grave injury and missing limbs for their foolhardy efforts.  Indeed, the pair are lucky to be alive.

Sadly, this reporter doesn’t know what transpired after that as reports have been varied and confusing.  As of this date the Prince remains missing.  Stormstead’s guard continues their search.  Jil has returned to governing as usual.  And Daniel and Kaori are recuperating.

Where is the Prince of Shadows?  Is he still being held below?  Why did lead Kel’iah into Ebon Reach?  What of Ka’al?  Is he real or a delusion wrought by fear and stress?  Why is Ebon Reach setting traps for surface citizens?  For what foul purpose are they collecting blood?  Much remains unanswered as the questions only bring on more questions.


Submitted ICly by “The Brown Mouse”
OOC Submission from Blanche Fralto

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Klepto’s Delight


This article has been hastily printed on the backside of the latest issue of the Rumour Mill. Occasionally a copy here and there is dotted with traces of blood.

Word around the village is that something is going down on April 3rd by the stone giant ruins. If you enjoy acquiring things that might not exactly be yours yet, then maybe you should hang around there a bit before 2:00PM. I hear there’s going to be some kind of contest and prizes as well, but hey, who knows? I certainly don’t. There’s someone here making me carve this into the printing block. They’ve got a knife please hel▓▓

The last few letters are roughly scratched out and illegible.

OOC Info
Article supplied by tenmeihikari Resident.
Event info: Klepto’s Delight – April 3rd, 2-8PM SLT


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The Back Alley Bazaar


If you got something devious in mind, the Back Alley Market can provide…

Come one, come all, for all of your depraved needs. At the Back Alley Market, we ask no questions, make no judgments, and offer whatever your sick little heart desires. All businesses are invited to sell the wares that may be frowned upon in public.

In the dark corner of Ebon Reach, lies the Back Alley Market. Stalls lined to the rafters with anything and everything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see. In the center of it all is the pit recessed into the ground, stained crimson by the blood of the combatants who fight for their glory. Some even hint that the pit fights may be returning soon.

On the second Friday of each month, the Back Alley hosts a Bazaar where all businesses are welcome to sell their sketchier goods. From naga oil to magic girallon hands, come on down to buy and sell whatever (or whoever) you want, no questions asked so long as you have the coconuts to pay for it.

Disclaimer: The Back Alley Market is not responsible for loss of limb or life in response of attempting to use actual coconuts to pay for goods.

So take a moment from cutting that purse from a nobleman’s waist and mark your sundial, because the biggest gathering of scum and villainy hawking totally legal products and positive vibes will be hosted on Friday the 11th at 5pm-7pm (SLT).

When entering through the Night Cap, go through the wooden door and cross the drawbridge. Once in the mine shaft tunnels, take a left turn up the ramp at the fork and walk through the mysterious black veil.

When entering from the stone giant ruins in the main cavern, travel towards the East end of the cave, enter the mine shaft tunnel, and go straight at the fork. Crafty Merfolk may enter through the underwater iron gate that lays beneath Ebon Reach, just past the tunnel full of crystals.

For all questions, and concerns, please contact Sepitus, the owner of the Molten Crucible. ((Hikari in disguise – tenmeihikari.resident))

Business spots are at a first come, first serve basis. If a dispute over who gets a certain stall comes up, shopkeepers may settle it in the pit with one on one, unarmed combat.

OOC Info: Article and Image provided by tenmeihikari.resident
Event Info: The Back Alley Bazaar March 11th 5-7PM SLT.


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Mystaran Remembrance Celebration


Mystaran Remembrance Ceremony near Mystfolk Mound

Today was a special day. A day to hold still – a day to remember the lands of Mystara and honor those still missing.  Citizens of Eyr gathered near the Mystfolk mound to visit, remember, and share their experiences.  Former Mystarans and Eyr together shared the experiences of a home that has disappeared into the mysts.

Four sites were setup for the Elemental Crystals: Air, Fire, Earth and Water. With great detail, the sites visualized the lost realm. A wall showed paintings of faded memories, but – rest assured – they were not forgotten. One could tell that some felt the lost of loved ones and livelihoods.

Governor Jil of Stormstead summoned those interested to gather at the Moei Mound, which hosted one of the memorial sites. The Governor addressed the crowd with kind words of understanding and reassurance of their new home at Eyr. Then the refugees started telling their stories, sharing their memories and sorrows.

Then suddenly, there was some light rustling like someone would be approaching. Yes! There – soon two, no three Mystaran refugees believed to be lost stepped out of the Myst. The joy was overwhelming. “Quick! Clean out some huts, make some space! Old friends came to Eyr.”

In the cheering there also was some whispering. Was there something protectively looking over the joyful event? Was their some guidance for the new refugees? Some said even insinuated that former members fo the Ohtar, the mighty elven army of Mystara, nay be out there.  At this point, we do not know.

The event came to a happy ending. Old friendships could be rekindled. Refugees and Natives left as friends.   It shall also be noted that some came to witness. Their roots did not reach back to Mystara and they simply showed solidarity to their Eyr friends.

Indeed a good day in Eyr, Ame Moei was with us.

~ Edana Glyndwr – of the Moei Asing … and Mystaran



Submitted OOCly by EdanaGlynDwr

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Mystaran Remembrance Day

Mystara_Basket of ApplesMarch is here upon us again… and for some here the month still holds weight upon the heart and thoughts.  Join us on Saturday, March 5th as we spend the day in remembrance for Mystara.

There will be areas set up about the isle that will hold some semblance to a place eleven years now in the past. Mystaran refugees are encouraged to grab hold of someone close to them, or even group together in small dear groups and visit the areas. Take as long as you need, in silence or in jovial stories shared amongst good friends.

At 5 past the noon sun, I, Governor Jil, will be making a formal address than will invite any and all who desire to step fourth and share stores and tales.

The areas that will be set up:

  • An area to rememberthe Kingdom of Stromness and the Air Elemental Crystal will  be located at Stormstead’s Salty Swallow.
  • An area to remember the Sanctum and the Fire Elemental Crystal will be located at the Ebon Reach’s Opium Ledge.
  • An area to remember Ered Eithel and the Earth Elemental Crystal will be located at the lowest ledge of the Great Tree of the Moei Asing.
  • An area to remember Mystara’s Water ways and the Water Elemental Crystal will be located on the Beach.
  • An area to remember the Mysts and the Myst Elemental Crystal will be located at the Moei Mound.

~Jil, Governor of Stormstead.

Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel
For official event info see:

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Stormstead Guard Sparring Session!


Valkyrie, Captain of the Guard

Stormstead Guard’s presents Training and Sparring Session!
The guards will be hosting a Melee Combative Training and Sparring session for any whom would like to attend on Sunday, March 6th, one hour past the noon sun out at the fish market docks in Stormstead.


Do you find yourself strong at arm and hold a sense of justice?
Do you hold loyalties to law and order?
Do you devote yourself to doing the right thing?
Than a place among the Stormstead Guards may be a place for you!

The Stormstead Guards are in charge of upholding the laws and ways of the village of Stormstead and seek to keep peace. In order to be a guard, one first must align themselves to Stormstead’s values which can be done by seeking out the Governor, One of the Councilmen (Wanton or Gideon), or the Captain of the Guards, Valkyrie, to express one’s desire to do so.

Submitted by Governor Jil



Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel

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