Mystaran Remembrance Day

Mystara_Basket of ApplesMarch is here upon us again… and for some here the month still holds weight upon the heart and thoughts.  Join us on Saturday, March 5th as we spend the day in remembrance for Mystara.

There will be areas set up about the isle that will hold some semblance to a place eleven years now in the past. Mystaran refugees are encouraged to grab hold of someone close to them, or even group together in small dear groups and visit the areas. Take as long as you need, in silence or in jovial stories shared amongst good friends.

At 5 past the noon sun, I, Governor Jil, will be making a formal address than will invite any and all who desire to step fourth and share stores and tales.

The areas that will be set up:

  • An area to rememberthe Kingdom of Stromness and the Air Elemental Crystal will  be located at Stormstead’s Salty Swallow.
  • An area to remember the Sanctum and the Fire Elemental Crystal will be located at the Ebon Reach’s Opium Ledge.
  • An area to remember Ered Eithel and the Earth Elemental Crystal will be located at the lowest ledge of the Great Tree of the Moei Asing.
  • An area to remember Mystara’s Water ways and the Water Elemental Crystal will be located on the Beach.
  • An area to remember the Mysts and the Myst Elemental Crystal will be located at the Moei Mound.

~Jil, Governor of Stormstead.

Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel
For official event info see:

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