Stormstead Guard Sparring Session!


Valkyrie, Captain of the Guard

Stormstead Guard’s presents Training and Sparring Session!
The guards will be hosting a Melee Combative Training and Sparring session for any whom would like to attend on Sunday, March 6th, one hour past the noon sun out at the fish market docks in Stormstead.


Do you find yourself strong at arm and hold a sense of justice?
Do you hold loyalties to law and order?
Do you devote yourself to doing the right thing?
Than a place among the Stormstead Guards may be a place for you!

The Stormstead Guards are in charge of upholding the laws and ways of the village of Stormstead and seek to keep peace. In order to be a guard, one first must align themselves to Stormstead’s values which can be done by seeking out the Governor, One of the Councilmen (Wanton or Gideon), or the Captain of the Guards, Valkyrie, to express one’s desire to do so.

Submitted by Governor Jil



Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel

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