Mystaran Remembrance Celebration


Mystaran Remembrance Ceremony near Mystfolk Mound

Today was a special day. A day to hold still – a day to remember the lands of Mystara and honor those still missing.  Citizens of Eyr gathered near the Mystfolk mound to visit, remember, and share their experiences.  Former Mystarans and Eyr together shared the experiences of a home that has disappeared into the mysts.

Four sites were setup for the Elemental Crystals: Air, Fire, Earth and Water. With great detail, the sites visualized the lost realm. A wall showed paintings of faded memories, but – rest assured – they were not forgotten. One could tell that some felt the lost of loved ones and livelihoods.

Governor Jil of Stormstead summoned those interested to gather at the Moei Mound, which hosted one of the memorial sites. The Governor addressed the crowd with kind words of understanding and reassurance of their new home at Eyr. Then the refugees started telling their stories, sharing their memories and sorrows.

Then suddenly, there was some light rustling like someone would be approaching. Yes! There – soon two, no three Mystaran refugees believed to be lost stepped out of the Myst. The joy was overwhelming. “Quick! Clean out some huts, make some space! Old friends came to Eyr.”

In the cheering there also was some whispering. Was there something protectively looking over the joyful event? Was their some guidance for the new refugees? Some said even insinuated that former members fo the Ohtar, the mighty elven army of Mystara, nay be out there.  At this point, we do not know.

The event came to a happy ending. Old friendships could be rekindled. Refugees and Natives left as friends.   It shall also be noted that some came to witness. Their roots did not reach back to Mystara and they simply showed solidarity to their Eyr friends.

Indeed a good day in Eyr, Ame Moei was with us.

~ Edana Glyndwr – of the Moei Asing … and Mystaran



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