The Back Alley Bazaar


If you got something devious in mind, the Back Alley Market can provide…

Come one, come all, for all of your depraved needs. At the Back Alley Market, we ask no questions, make no judgments, and offer whatever your sick little heart desires. All businesses are invited to sell the wares that may be frowned upon in public.

In the dark corner of Ebon Reach, lies the Back Alley Market. Stalls lined to the rafters with anything and everything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see. In the center of it all is the pit recessed into the ground, stained crimson by the blood of the combatants who fight for their glory. Some even hint that the pit fights may be returning soon.

On the second Friday of each month, the Back Alley hosts a Bazaar where all businesses are welcome to sell their sketchier goods. From naga oil to magic girallon hands, come on down to buy and sell whatever (or whoever) you want, no questions asked so long as you have the coconuts to pay for it.

Disclaimer: The Back Alley Market is not responsible for loss of limb or life in response of attempting to use actual coconuts to pay for goods.

So take a moment from cutting that purse from a nobleman’s waist and mark your sundial, because the biggest gathering of scum and villainy hawking totally legal products and positive vibes will be hosted on Friday the 11th at 5pm-7pm (SLT).

When entering through the Night Cap, go through the wooden door and cross the drawbridge. Once in the mine shaft tunnels, take a left turn up the ramp at the fork and walk through the mysterious black veil.

When entering from the stone giant ruins in the main cavern, travel towards the East end of the cave, enter the mine shaft tunnel, and go straight at the fork. Crafty Merfolk may enter through the underwater iron gate that lays beneath Ebon Reach, just past the tunnel full of crystals.

For all questions, and concerns, please contact Sepitus, the owner of the Molten Crucible. ((Hikari in disguise – tenmeihikari.resident))

Business spots are at a first come, first serve basis. If a dispute over who gets a certain stall comes up, shopkeepers may settle it in the pit with one on one, unarmed combat.

OOC Info: Article and Image provided by tenmeihikari.resident
Event Info: The Back Alley Bazaar March 11th 5-7PM SLT.


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