The Prince of Shadows Sought for Questioning

There have been many strange happenings as of late regarding our own Stormstead government and its members these past few weeks.

  • The Governor’s extended absence investigating Ebon Reach;
  • The equally mysterious and extended absence of Council member Jens;.
  • An heroic act of revenge gone awry resulting in near-death injuries

It all started last week when the Mer Cleric, Kel’iah, stumbled on weak legs to the Hand Crafted Dock.  She told a tale of kidnapping, hostage-taking, threats of torture, and eventual escape and release.  All involving Stormstead’s own council member, Prince Jens.


Governor Jil

Our own Governor Jil had appointed Wanton Aime to act in his stead while he conducted a personal investigation into Ebon Reach.  He had been missing for several days and citizens were beginning to worry.  However he appeared near the dock within moments after Kel’iah had blurted out her story, lead by the Mer Matriarch, Alithia.  His explanation for extended absence was that he fell victim to yet another Ebon Reach trap, having managed to escape with injury.  Indeed, there were marks about his wrists attesting to this.  Though obviously weak and in need of recovery, Jil listened to the facts presented by Kel’iah and then weighed in quickly with a decision.  Subsequent orders were then issued to the Guard Captain, Valkyrie,  to seek out Jens for questioning in regard to this matter.  The Prince’ absence remains conspicuous, however, and now we must wonder if he indeed escaped at all.  Kel’iah’s report indicated that he had been injured in their escape from the deep recesses of Ebon Reach.  No one has reported seeing him since.

The information Kel’iah presented was confusing.  One key question — who or what is Ka’al?   Kel’iah reported that she happened upon a being called Ka’al who was not only



wearing apparel similar to Jens but also wearing a necklace she herself had given to Jens.  Is this character real?   Were strange magics at work?  Reportedly, this Ka’al entity escorted her to the depths of Ebon Reach and this is where the story gets even more twisted.

Ka’al himself was tricked and imprisoned in a cage.  But while caged he underwent some sort of transformation and Jens appeared within as reported by Kel’iah.   Who is Ka’al and what are his ties to Jens?  Again, makes one ponder the state of the Mer’s faculties. Or wonder at strange magics at play.   And what of the rest of those present?  Kel’iah reported they were pressed to surrender blood samples by evil denizens of the Reach.  She described a hooded figure that sounds very much like the lich ‘Hikari’ whose attacks menaced the village several months back.  The Mer also identified Mal as being present.  The impossible-to-kill Necrowolf who has re-emerged as a lich.  Threats of torture were delivered and questioning ensued at the hands of the masked figure and the Necrowolf.   Serious injury and even the possibility of death seemed imminent until Kel’iah and Jens staged an escape..  The attempt resulted in Kel’iah being tossed to the waters.  The last sighting Kel’iah had of Jens showed him as injured and still within the clutches of the Reach.


Jens IxChel, Prince of Shadows

News of the incident was passed on to Stormstead council members at the last council gathering.  News of this latest betray by the Reach and the Necrowolf’s involvement triggered yet more violence as Daniel and Kaori took to the caverns of Ebon Reach in search of the villain.  Both of whom received grave injury and missing limbs for their foolhardy efforts.  Indeed, the pair are lucky to be alive.

Sadly, this reporter doesn’t know what transpired after that as reports have been varied and confusing.  As of this date the Prince remains missing.  Stormstead’s guard continues their search.  Jil has returned to governing as usual.  And Daniel and Kaori are recuperating.

Where is the Prince of Shadows?  Is he still being held below?  Why did lead Kel’iah into Ebon Reach?  What of Ka’al?  Is he real or a delusion wrought by fear and stress?  Why is Ebon Reach setting traps for surface citizens?  For what foul purpose are they collecting blood?  Much remains unanswered as the questions only bring on more questions.


Submitted ICly by “The Brown Mouse”
OOC Submission from Blanche Fralto

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