Crone’s Eye Magic Show Reveals a Monster-In-Hiding

Mal Dead

Mal – at the scene of his ‘first’ death in the Night Cap several months ago.

Sunday’s Magical Dual sponsored by the Crone’s Eye turned out to be a surprise in more ways than one.  Braeden, the Manager of the magic shop and known to many was revealed as none other than Malorum, the Lich and known denizen of Ebon Reach.   With the first spell cast, Braeden/Mal showed a marked physical deterioration.  A swarm of locusts burst forth from his mouth to attack his opponent which confirmed his identity to anyone that knew him.  The Lich seems fond of his locust pets.  His physical deterioration was rapid at this point, his skin and organs sloughing off to reveal the monster beneath.  Mal returns once again having hidden and working amongst us while disguised as Braeden.

Mal’s return triggered chaos at the magical contest.  His magical opponent fled the scene covered with locusts and shrieking in fear.  Shouting and confusion reigned for several moments as enraged citizens realized  Braeden’s true identity.  Once again the citizens of Eyr had been duped by the duplicity of Ebon Reach.  Arakaki Arashitori, bravely stepped forward to battle the Lich for the last round of the competition.  The duel was closely matched and fraught with tension but luck ran with the Lich and Mal emerged victorious.   

Contestants for the day’s event included Arakaki Arashitori, Blanche Greyling, and the Mer Cleric, Kel’iah.  

We all need to be alert and ever watchful.  How knows how many more of the evil branch of undead are roaming about the Village docks.  How many are Ebon Reach spies?  Be watchful Stormstead.  Ebon Reach spies are amongst us.

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