Ebon Reach Attacks Guardhouse – Valkyrie Taken!


Hikari, Mastermind Behind Attack

The Village of Stormstead suffered yet another attack by Ebon Reach on Monday night.   The night erupted in cries for help as Amara Hendry fled the guardhouse covered in  webbing and coughing from seared lungs due to toxic gasses. 

The guardhouse was attacked.  A sword was stuck through the floorboards which emitted a gas. “It was an attack led by Hikari. The Drider tricked us with him, backed up by the Undead warrior seen about before.”  When questioned further about the warrior, Amara had this to say:  “I believe it was the same person, yes. I remember that person who came in smelling like death to the Medica. It was the same.”

Hikari, who is also known as ‘Master of the Void’ is known for his torments and attacks and is well known within the village.  It is believed he wielded the sword emitting the toxins and was also the one to attack the Guard Captain, Valkyrie.     


Valkyrie Taken as Hostage

The damage to her lungs proved her undoing and the hapless Amara became the drider’s victim.  Lungs damaged and coughing from the poisonous gas, she was captured and spun into a cocoon.  Thus powerless she was threatened with death which resulted in Valkyrie’s selfless surrender to save the woman.  

As of this evening, the bard remains in the Medica.  She is improving slowly but steadily.  Her lungs taking most of the damage she remains weak and under the care of the healers.

Valkyrie is vanished.  Assumed that she has been escorted to the depths of Ebon Reach where more treachery and misery awaits.  We have to get her back.  We have to stop this.

What is Stormstead to do against the onslaught of evil?  All citizens are called upon to use caution.  Carry weapons with you at all times and be on the lookout for a drider whose name remains unknown, and Hikari.   Do not attempt retribution on your own – if seen call out immediately and gather help.   We need our Guard Captain back.  Hopefully that can be arranged.


Submitted by Blanche Greyling
OOC Submission by Blanche Fralto



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